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As I was not able to post any episode of my FF’s, so I had time to write more than one update and in a flow, I did. I was writing episode 2 of “This Time Forever” and it turned out to be long enough to be divided into 2 or 3 episodes 😛 Following is 2nd episode of the story, I hope you will enjoy reading it.
And yeah, due to what Laksh did to Ragini in the serial, I am soooo angry on him, that’s why there’s a little something I want to do that Ragini does in this episode.

“And that’s how ladies and gentlemen, every person siting here can become the next top businessman or businesswoman!” Sanskar exclaimed, ending his lecture on a perfect note. The people present there, students, teachers ad everybody else clapped for Sanskar.
He had been invited at the institution for a special lecture, to encourage the student body towards self employment and other business related things.
“Hello Mr. Maheshwari.” greeted the principal, “That was a very encouraging lecture you just gave.” he praised.
Smilingly, Sanskar shook his hand with principals’, “Thank you, Mr. Sarkar. I am very pleased myself..” he laughed, “Students here are very brilliant, the questions they asked me, sometimes pointing out for details. I am impressed.”
“Why won’t they be? When they follow you, you Mr. Maheshwari are the inspiration of all these students.” Mr. Sarkar smiled, gesturing to the students who were now indulged in a discussion with their teachers.
Sanskar felt proud and happy at Mr. Sarkar’s statement, he felt as if he was doing justice to his parents and their parents’ hard work. He talked with Mr. Sarkar for few minutes before leaving for his office.
“Damn you Mr. Laksh Maheshwari!!” Ragini slammed her hand on the round table. She and Mishka were sitting in a restaurant, having their coffee and breakfast. They had tried to collect some information regarding Laksh, from their sources but everyone of them had same answer to give, “Laksh Maheshwari is a very private person. He rarely gives interviews.”
That’s why Ragini was so frustrated, because if she and Mishka aren’t able to get Laksh’s interview then they would get fired from their jobs. So right now they were in desperate need of Laksh’s interview.
“Who does he thinks he is?! Some kind of secret undercover agent or what that he doesn’t go public! Damn him!” Ragini whisper yelled.
Mishka let out a mock laugh, stuffing a spoonful of white pasta inside her mouth, she said, “I think we should start looking for another job. I am sure that Cruella de Vil is gonna fire us and kick our..”
“Shut up Mishka! We still have this whole day, we may find a way.” Ragini toyed with the fork as she replied to Mishka, trying to maintain their hope.
“Arre yaar! Where the hell is this waiter! Its been half an hour I ordered for a choco lava caaaaakkkee..” Ragini had stood up to go at the counter and check why hasn’t her order been delivered to her. She didn’t paid attention to her surroundings and collided with the waiter who actually was bringing her choco lava cake.
Due to the collision, the waiter dropped the plate and the cake with molten chocolate landed on Ragini’s pristine white top. The waiter looked extremely sorry, Mishka was eyeing Ragini, trying to contemplate her mood while Ragini was standing like a statue with her mouth open.
“Why!!” Ragini cried, “Why why Kanha Ji, why? Mere saath hi kyun!! As if this day wasn’t bad enough for me! Now this..!” Ragini let out a tearless cry, as she picked some tissues and, Washroom?” The waiter pointed a finger in the direction of the washroom.
Laksh took in a deep breath, inhaling the sweet aroma coming from his favourite restaurant. He comes here whenever it gets possible for him to do so. He loved everything about this restaurant, especially their baked delicacies.
Today he had signed an important deal with film industry’s famous couple Karan Rathore and Shilpa Mehra, Laksh will be designing their outfits for all the functions and ceremonies of Karan and Shilpa’s wedding. So before his next meeting with a textile company, Laksh had came here at his favourite restaurant to celebrate with a perfect slice of caramel n apple cheesecake.
He was enjoying his cake, when he heard a commotion, he tilted his neck and saw that a girl had collided with a waiter and due to this collision the chocolate cake fell on the girl’s white top. Laksh laughed seeing that girl’s expression and her loud rant to Kanha Ji about how her day has been spoiled.
As Laksh laughed, the piece of cake that he was still chewing, fell out of his mouth, on his clothes, “Eeeww…” He picked the half chewed thing with a tissue and threw it in a nearby dustbin. He finished his cheesecake first, because it was hard to leave that sweet thing uneaten. Then he called his driver to bring the separate set of clothes that is always there in his car in case he needed them.
Finishing the last bit of his cheesecake, Laksh went towards the washroom, his driver was already standing there, with his clothes, as instructed.
Ragini came out of the washroom. Her top still had light brown traces of chocolate which she was still trying to remove using tissues. She was walking back to her table when she heard someone comment;
“Um yum..such a delicious looking vanilla ice cream that is..”
Ragini ignored the comment and continued walking. She reached her table, Mishka had already paid the bill. Ragini took her bag and they decided to go back to Ragini’s home first so that she could change her soiled top. They were in the parking lot when Ragini heard the same voice from before;
“Look Raghu, there’s mango ice cream with that vanilla one, whom we saw earlier. Both are delicious looking na?!”
Ragini looked at Mishka first, who was walking hurriedly towards her scooty. Ragini then turned towards the source of that voice and saw 3 terrible looking men standing there and they were staring at them (at Mishka and Ragini).
Ragini fumed seeing them but ignored then again.
“No Bheema bhai, that’s not vanilla alone, see there is some chocolate as well..” one goon said to the other who was giving previous comments.
Ragini clenched her fists tight, Mishka looked scared as Ragini went towards the 3 goons and slapped each of them.
“Mujhe kyun maara?” cried the third goon who had been silent all this time. Ragini crossed her arms and replied, “Because you did not stop your friends from wanting to have ice creams when they are diabetic!” She then towards those two who were passing comments on her and Mishka, “And you two! Next time make sure that the ice cream you are talking about doesn’t know to retaliate.”
She turned to walk back but one of the goons, the one called Raghu, held her hand from behind making Ragini fume in anger. She was about to answer but then a nice looking man, dressed in three piece suit came there, he pulled out her hand from that goon’s hand and asked, “Are you okay Ma’am?”
Mishka was standing there as a statue, shocked to see the man in front of her. Ragini on the other hand was about to say something when the second goon, Bheema pulled out a knife from his pocket and tried to scare them.
The three piece suit man said, “Don’t worry Ma’am, I am here with you.” Ragini looked at him amused, she slowly pushed him away and stood in front of the goons.
Ragini moved her hands and legs swiftly and within 5 minutes, all three goons were lying on the floor, clutching their various body parts. Ragini smiled and bent on her knees and said, “And yeah, the next time you try to scare a girl just make sure that she doesn’t know some karate moves!” She then finished it all with a kick in Bheema’s stomach and walked away.
Mishka was all the time looking at the three piece suit man, she knew that Ragini can handle those goons alone, she was actually worried about those goons instead of Ragini.
“Nice moves I must say.” Ragini heard the three piece suit man comment. She turned around and smiled, “Thanks for the compliment.”
Ragini turned to walk again but the three piece suit man said something again, “Do you really know some karate moves or was it just to impress me?” Ragini scowled, “You did not just said that, did you?”
Mishka slapped her forehead, knowing that someone has just called trouble to himself. It was wrong to mess with Ragini like that. Before Mishka could say anything, Ragini was already standing in front of Laksh Maheshwari, the three piece suit man. And then….
Ragini slammed her knee in his stomach and her heels on his foot. Laksh fell on the floor with a thud as he writhed in pain. “Think before you say anything, because it won’t take me much persuasion to react and act! See-ya!”
Ragini turned and walk away, ignoring the 4 men who were wincing and yelping in pain. She walked towards Mishka, took the keys from her and started the scooty. Mishka hastily sat begin her as they both drove away.
It took Mishka 15 minutes to come out of the shock, as she yelled in the top of her voice, “OH MY GOD!!!”
Ragini stopped the scooty on the side of the road. She removed her helmet and asked, “What happened Mishka?”
“What happened??!!” Mishka cried, “The worst day of our life happened!”
Ragini frowned, “I know its been a bad day but…” Mishka interrupted Ragini in between, “Not that Dumbo! I am talking about our luck whom you just kicked in the parking lot!”
“What? Who?”
“Yaar Ragini! That was Laksh Maheshwari whom you kicked in the stomach at the end!”
“WHAT!!” Ragini yelled as the helmet fell from her hand. “Are you sure?”
“200% sure! You not just kicked Laksh Maheshwari, you kicked our fortune as well. Now he won’t even want to see us, forget about the interview and say goodbye to our jobs!” Mishka cried as she shook Ragini back and forth.
“Lets get back there!” Ragini and Mishka immediately drove back to the restaurant to see if Laksh was still there but as Mishka had said, that it was their worst day, Laksh was not there, neither he was close by, when the reached there.
Sanskar still hadn’t reached the office. The usual route he takes to office was blocked for some reason, so he had to take the long way. The car entered an area which was surrounded by greenery and their was a board on the side of the road indicating that it was a private property.
Interested, Sanskar looked out of the window. Surrounded by green trees, there was this huge and magnificent mansion in the middle of it. It was beautiful, exceptionally beautiful. Something that Sanskar wanted to be his. So he asked the driver to stop the car at the entrance gate of the mansion.

A cool breeze caressed Sanskar’s face as he stepped out of the car. He walked towards the main gate, the mansion looked amazing from there. The nameplate read, “MahiSagar Mansion”.
Sanskar wondered whose property it was. Was it available for sale or will the owner sell it to him? Because he definitely wanted to buy it.

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