FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 9


Hello guyz i am back with my FF. Sorry for not posting. I was not happy because of some reasons. So now everything is great so lets start.

Begins with.
Ragini room.
She come to her room and say. I need to tell him everything. Before its to late. Ragini call someone.
Voice. Hello madam.
Ragini. Book a flight and send them all here ok.
Voice. Yes mam.
Ragini. Ok bye.
Voice. Bye.
She cut the call and say. Its time to tell everyone about the truth.
Suddenly she hear someone coming toward her door. She get up. And open the door and then sit on bed. Then someone come and its karan.
Ragini. You.
Karan. Yes my ragu.

Ragini. Karan come sit.
Karan. Whats happened.
Ragini. Nothing.
Karan. Tell me what happenend. Tell the truth u now na that u cant lie to me.
Ragini. Woh actually laksh is my ex husband.
Karan. What??????.
Ragini. Yes.
Karan. So that’s why u was sad.
Ragini. No… I mean yes… I dont now.
Karan. Oh my ragini. Well i will tell u about my love story.
Ragini. U mean u are in love with who.
Karan. Karishma.
Ragini. Nice name tell me the story na.
Suddenly they heared that someone is standing on door. Its swara and avi.
Avi. So tell us also.
Swara. Yes because basically u forgot us.
Avi. Right.
Swara. Well start the story.
Avi. Yes contiune.

Karan. Ok. I meet her in Spania. When i was there for a meeting. She was really beautiful when i saw her first time i fall in love with her. Its called love at first side. After meeting we start to hangout. She always use to be happy. But then one day… I get to now that she have å boyfriend aka fiance. I was totally broken. But i did’t showed it. And then i leaved from there without telling her. And we are not even i contact.
Avi. Ohhh heartbroken same happen with me but i have her photo.
Swara pull his cheek and say. Avi how can someone ditch u. You are so cutie.
Ragini. Who can someone ditch my karan.
Karavi. Leave it. They were stupid that they ditched us.
Swaragini. Yes.
Karan. Well show me photo at least.
Avi. Wait.
They all was standing and avi show them photo.
Karan. Karishma.
Avi. Karishma nahi Natasha.

Karan. No she was the one. Karishma.
Avi. You mean she make us fooled.
Karan. Yes. My heart.
Ragini. What happenend.
Karan. Nothing just kidding. Its ok bro. Maybe we will get someone better.
Avi. Right.
They hug eachother. And then leave for downstairs.
Sanlak was sitting there.
Sanky. Where are they now. .

Luccky. As if i know.
Sanky. Shut up.
Lucky. Leave it na. Your swara is your but i am not sure about myself.
Sanky. Dont worry bhai.
They all come down and was smiling.?.
Swara. Sanskar lets have dinner.
Karan. Finally.
Avi. I am hungry any way.
Ragini. So come.
They all sit down and start eating.
Karan. Give me sabji.
Ragini. No u cant have it.
Karan. Why.
Swara. Because u and avi have allergi
Ragini. With.

Swaragini. Mushrooms.
Karavi. Oh u guys still remember.
Swaragini. Yes how can we forget it.
Laksh. Ok we heared it now eat.
Sanskar. Yes plz.
Swara. Sanskar.
Sanskar. Swara.
Ragini. Ok stop it eat food.
They eat food and after that goes to sleep.

Precap. Karavi and Swaragini watching movie.

Credit to: Roshini

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