FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 7

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Let start.


In airpot.
Laksh and swasan reach they were about to go when security guard stop them.
SEC. Do you have flight ticket.
Swasan. No.
SEC. Sorry we can’t let you guyz go.
Swasan. Plz its about someone life.
SEC. No we can’t do anything.
Security was talking to swasan when suddenly laksh run inside.
Sec. Hello there is a man who ran inside wearing black suit.
Laksh was running. In background was playing mar jaayian.
Security was running after laksh but laksh was running to fast so they couldnt catch him.
Laksh finally reach at the flight entrance.
He sees ragini but ragini is wearing music with earsphone so she cant hear laksh.
Laksh. Raginiiiii?????.
Suddenly ragini sees someone and take the earphone(earplugg).
Ragini. You.
Laksh. Ragini.
She did’t notice and run toward a boy.
Laksh get happy seeing her running but ragini hug someone else.
Laksh is shocked and swasan too.
Laksh is shocked he get freezed.
Ragini. How are you where is avi.
Voice. Do u think i will not come.
Swara sees him and run toward avi and hug him. Avi. Oh my cut baby learn too hug.
Sanskar is hell shocked and angry.
Sanskar. Who is he.
Laksh. As if i now bhai.
Sanskar. Leave it. If he dont leave my sohnaa then i will not leave him.
Laksh. Bhai u leave look at ragini. She is still hugging him.
Sanskar. Yea lucky. I think she forget u.
Laksh. Your too.
Sanlak was standing there in anger.
Voice. Ragini will u leave me or u will keep hugging me..
Ragini. Oh sorry karan.
Karan. No problem.
Avi. Bhai u come here and help me or else she will kill me while hugging.
Ragini karan laugh.
Swara. Oh so u think i will kill u right.
She leave him.
Avi. Ohhh my shonaa is angry.
Swara. Yes.
Avi. Look here
Swara look and get happy
Avi. Here is your chocolate.
Swara. Avi you are best love you yaar.
Sanskar. Love u.
Laksh. Hahaahahha.
Sanskar. Wait your turn will also come.
Karan. Swaragini what are you doing here.
Swaragini told them everything.
Karan. So when i come ladoo is going. On no problem.
Ragini. Listen karan. Actually.
Karan. No problem ladoo u go.
Laksh. What is he doing now. Ahaha…….hhahahha.
Ragini. No karan i will not leave u here alone.
Laksh. Oh alone.
Sanskar. Hahaahahha.
Laksh. Bhai stop it.
Karan. That mean u will stay here right. Great then.
Karavi. How are they.
Swara. He is sanskar. My husband.
Avi. Ohhh that mean u are booked.
Swara. If you haved come before then we two haved been together today.
Avi. Ohhhh my sohnaaa i love you.
Swara. I love you too.
Sanskar is very angry.
Sanskar. If he haved come then you u should maaried him ohhh i see.
Laksh. Bhai we are stuck..
Sanskar. Haa lucky.
Karan. Ok he is your husband but who is he.
Swara was about to say when ragini said. Ohhh He sanskar brother.
Karan. Ohhh i see.
Laksh feel that someone killed him.
Karavi. Ok come lets go.
Sanlak. Where.
Ragini. Sanskar they will stay with us.
Sanlak. Us but why.
Swara. Sanskar.
Sanskar. What have i done now that u are shouting like a witch.
Swara. I am witch. Great then be here come avi will leave.
Ragini karan. We will also come.
Swara avi. Come then.
They leave.
Laksh. What you did bhai.
Sanskar. What have i did.
Laksh. No nothing. You just make her angry that’s it.
Sanskar. Ok i will sees it later.
Lets go.
They also leave.

Precap. Jealousy.


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(Karan= Parth samthaan.)?
(Avi= vatsal seth.)?
Thanks guys.????????????

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