FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 6

Hello guyz thanks for comment. Kavya u haved a idea u can share it with me. Guyz this one will be shot because i don’t have any ideas. And guy do tell you idea if u have.
Let start.


Ragini is seeing cctv footage and say.
I did i good job by setting camera in this house. She make a copy and say first i have to leave from here. Only then i will send it to my man and he will give it to police. Great now get ready.
Ragini start packing her bags.

In hall .
Everyone is in shock they feeled guilty..
Ap. I did wrong with my laksh.
Swara. Plz badi maa control your self. I have to find a way to proof him wrong.
Dp. Swara is right.
Sanskar. I will talk to the lawyer.
Swara. What will lawyer do. We need proof.
Sanskar. But we don’t have.
Swara. I have a plan.
Sanskar. What.
Swara. I will talk to kavya and will make her speak the truth and u will record it ok.
Sanskar. Oh look my swara is getting smart. Day by day.
Swara. Ok now we have to work on our plan.
Ap. Swara beta who should i thanks u.
Swara. No need to say that badi maa.
Suddenly they sees ragini coming down with her bags.
Ap. What are doing ragini beta.
Ragini come down.
Ragini. I am going back to London. My work is done.
Swara. Ragini what are u talking about. You cant leave me.
Ragini. Swara plz.
Ragini. Dp uncle here is your propety paper its on your name and plz take care of it.
Sanskar. Ragini why are u leaving.
Ragini. There my company need me i cant live here. And plz take care of my shona.
Swara. Ragini plz don’t go.
Ragini. Swara i will miss u. But we will talk.
Swara. Ragini i will miss.
Ragini. Me too.
She hug her swaragini play in background.
Kavya sees this and smirk.
Kavya. Finally this cat is going.
Sanskar. Come i will drop u.
Ragini. No need my driver is outside.
She take blessing and leave from there.
Kavya come down.
Kavya. Dp uncle if u want your som to be out of jail. Name this propety on my name.
Dp. Never.
Kavya. Still i will give u 2 hours to think.
Dp. I will never name this on you.
Kavya. Think about it papa ji.
Swara. Plz kavya leave from here.
Kavya. As your wish.
She goes from there.
Ap. We should name this propety on her.
Swara. No badimaa never.
Dp. Swara is right we can’t do that.
Ap nod.

In jail.
Laksh is there. Thinking about ragini slap and kavya saying that he misbehaved with me.
He start crying.
Suddenly inspector come there. He get a call.
Caller. Hello inspector.
Inspector. Hello who are u.
Caller. The one who now that laksh is innocent.
Inspector. Who.
Caller i am sending u a video see it.
Inspector.. Who are u.
Caller. Sorry i cant tell.
He cut the call and inspector see the video where kavya accept her mistake and truth is that laksh is innocent.
Inspector. Laksh maheswari come with us.
Laksh goes with them.
They all come to maheswari mansion.
And police show the video to every and proof that laksh is innocent.
Swara. Who send this too u.
Inspector. I dont know person did tell that.
Swara. Thanks inspector ji.
Kavya come down and sees inspector.
And she start doing her drama but inspector handcuff her. Kavya. What is this.
Inspector. You are culprit. You grand thsi people’s. And you play with us.
Kavya. No u are thinking wrong.
Inspector. That we will see in court.
Kavya. No u cant do that.
They take kavya with them and leave.
Everyone hug laksh and say sorry and now they are happy.
Swara. Laksh ragini went to London.
Laksh. What she cant do this.
Swara. There is stilll time laksh.
Laksh. I will go.
Swara. I will also come.
Sanskar. Me too.
They three leave toward airpot.

Precap. Need ideas.


Guyz pls tell should i do this.
a). let ragini go and she should never come back.
b). Don’t let her go.
c). Let her go and make her come after sometime.
d). Are give your ideas.

Thanks guyz for commeting. Love you all.
And yes do comment. And plz if you have an idea share it.

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  1. super plz plz plz dnt let hr go

  2. Let these people also go to london
    Let laksh relase how strong ragini had turned like managing her company n
    By solving problems

  3. Don’t let her go

  4. Awesome
    I choose B

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb yaar pls add more romance between Swara and sanskaar by sending them to honeymoon

  6. Let go ragini to London. .and make Laksh partner of her..and he trying to impress her and finally she agrees and comes back

  7. Don’t let her go…..

  8. Ragini should come back with her new hero…or bring someone..a hero for Ragini.

  9. Dnt let her go… Let Raglak be together atleast in ff… And show their romance…

  10. Let ragini go to London and laksh to go to get her back .. N laksh realize her worth.. N start a new love story of raglak with some jealous of laksh with rags friend something like that

  11. it was nice and i am giving my opinion , don’t mind , let ragini go to london and then make swasanlak also visit london and then show different life style of ragini (like her new frnds or parties , in her room laksh pics and all and laksh jealousy) and make swasan to play a key role in the mission ragini and laksh to raglak ……….if it’s bad , am so sorry

    1. Thanks naimi

  12. Rag should come to mm n be close to everyone except lucky. She should pretend that she has bf in London n bring him to mm. Jealous between raglak dew to bf n then raglak unites. Meanwhile rag n bf will be close in lucky house with family support rag n make laksh change forever……

  13. Agree with subi

  14. Pls make laksh stop ragini from going to london and realises his love and proposes her in the airport !!!!!!

  15. Don’t make it Raglak please….bring a new hero for our Ragini as Laksh doesn’t deserve her….

  16. You should make lakshya, swara and sanskaar go to London and try to get ragini back.

  17. let’s she goes to London in that period lets laksh feel alone & regrealt for is sin & start feel for loving her.. After sometime get ragini back with someone to make laksh jealous reunite them..

  18. let her go and then she should come back with her fiancé or something but at the end raglak should be together. I want to see lucky jealous.

  19. hi awesome episode i love that . Let ragini and lakash too bheind her after some drama and romance bring ragini back to india along with lakash. Just an idea egerly waiting for next update……………..

  20. Dont let her go

  21. Don’t let her go

  22. very nice and let her go to london ..

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