FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 5

Hello guyz thanks for your support. Guyz i have thought to end this aarav character in this episode. Because i want laksh to regret what he did with ragini. After that i will make a new character. Sorry guyz if i hurt anyone. And thanks for your comment. And do comment.
Love u all. Lets start the episode.


In the morning.
Everyone was precent in the hall.
Dp,RP,adharsh leave for office.
Where sanlak was at home.
Suddenly they heaaarav knock on door.
Sanskar goes to open the door.
And sees its aarav.
Swara. Aarav.

Sanskar. LO agya iska aarav.
Aarav. Kuch kaha.
Sanskar. No nothing. Plz come in.
Aarav. Where is ragini.
Swara. You now na she is late awaker.
Aarav. Yea.
Swara. Do u need something. Food.
Aarav. No thanks. I will eat when ragini will come.
Laksh. ( low Voice ).
He make a face. I will eat when ragini will come.
Ragini come down.
Ragini. What are you doing here.
Aarav. What don’t say that u don’t remember me.
Ragini. Oh shut up aarav.
Laksh goes up.

Ragini. Swara i am hungry.
Aarav. Don’t eat go much u will get fat.
Ragini. What u said.
Aarav. U heard right.
Ragini. Aarav.
She then hit him.
Swara. Stop it guyz.
Sanskar. No guyz plz contuine.
Aarav. Oh and throw a pillow at him but its hit swara.
Sanskar laugh.
Swara. Aarav.
Aarav. Sorry swaru.
Sanskar. What swaru.
Swara i will not forgive u. You throw pillow at me. Wait aarav. She the goes to aarav.
And start hitting him. Suddenly she fall on aarav. Both start laughing.
Sanskar. Ye lo.
Sanskar. Swara stand up. What are u doing bro.
Aarav. I did nothing she did that.
Kavya come down and goes toward kitchen.
Aarav. Who is that witch i mean aunty.

Swasanrag laugh.
Kavya. What did u said.
Aarav. Truth.

Kavya. Oh plz u and your friend both are stupid.
She leave.
Aarav. Oh damn. I wanted to tell u something.
Ragini. Yea tell.
Aarav. Well i am leaving back to Canada.
Snaskar. Really when. I mean.
Swaragini laugh.
Aarav. Chill bro i am leaving today.
Ragini. But why.
Aarav. U know na.
Ragini. I dont now na.
Aarav. Oh plz. I am leaving because dad need me there. And also company.
Ragini. Yes i can understand. But i will miss u.

Aarav. Even i will.
Swara. Me too.
Sanskar. Ha ha even i will miss u.
Aarav laugh.
After sometime aarav leave.
( sorry guyz for ending this aarav character. But i will add one. When laksh will understand his mistake.)


Ragini. Ok i will go to my room.
Suddenly inspector come.
Swara. What happenend
Ragini. Look there.
Kavya come down while crying.
Kavya. Inspector. My husband misbehave with me. I don’t love him. We married in such a situition. But then suddenly he misbehaved with me. He try to molest me.
Laksh. What the hell. I even did’t touched u.
Kavya. He is lying.
Laksh. Stop your drama.
Ragini. Wait what. Kavya do u have any proof.
Kavya. Yes cant u see me. My statue.
Ragini see her and then goes to laksh. And slap him.
Ragini. Laksh how could u do this.
Inspector. We will arrest u laksh maheswari.

Laksh. But.
Inspector handcuff him and take him with them.
RP, Dp ,adharsh see this and ask everyone.
Everyone told them everything.
Dp. How can he do this. Dis
Ragini. Wait papa. Kavya now tell me why did you lied.
Kavya. What is wrong with u. What are u talking about.
Ragini. Tell me the truth are else i will also send u in jail.
Kavya. Yea i did this. You now why. Laksh never loved me. Even i did’t. I married him for his money. And then i start feeling for him. But he was always in u. He never wanted to marry me. When i torturert his family. He always get angry on me. But he will suffer in jail.
Everyone feel guilt.
Ragini. Then why he married you.
Kavya. For your safety. I blackmailed him.
Ragini. Oh.
Kavya. Are you not feeling sad.
Ragini. No i have moved on.
She leave from there.
Swara. Where are you going.
Ragini. Too my room.
She goes from there.

In ragini room.
She enter the room.
Ragini. Finally i now everything. Now i have to free him soon. She open the laptop and sees kavya telling the truth.
Ragini. I did good by having cctv cameras.

Precap. Dont have any idea til now.

Sorry guyz.


Plz guyz do comment.?

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