FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 4

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In the morning.
Ragini wake up and goes to get ready.
After that she leave outside.

Everyone is there and are eating food.
Ragini come there and take Apple and leave suddenly she har swara saying.
Swara. Ragini come have food.
Ragini. No i am busy i will eat it later.
Swara. Ok.
She leave from there.
And call her manager ( manager in india company. ).
Ragini. Hello manager.
Man. Hei who.
Ragini. Ragini gadodia. Your new boss.
Manager. Oh sorry madam.
Ragini. Send someone from office. I want to talk about company.
Manager. Yes i will send.

She cut the call.
Manager call kavya.
Kavya. Send karan.
Manager. Ok madam.
Kavya. Yea tell him work should be done are else.
Manager. Ok madam.
She cut the call.


In masherwari family.

Ragini is waiting for someone in the hall.
Kavya is watching her. Suddenly someone come and introduce hisself. Ragini did the same. After talking about company.
Karan. Madam its a doucment u should signed it because they are many companies who want to work with us. So we need your permession.
Ragini. Oh ok hand our this doucment to me i will read it and will sign it.
Karan. No madam. I mean we need it now so if u can.
Ragini. Ok.
Karan and kavya smile evilly.
Kavya. Leave from there to her room.
Karan get a call and exused ragini.
Ragini to herself. Smart move kavya. But has i said i will not get in your trap so easily. Sorry ha.
She smirk and change the papers. And signed it.
Karan come and take the papers.
Kavya also after him.
Outside the house.
Kavya. Is work done.
Karan. Yes kavya.
Kavya. Oh thanks.
She take the papers and read it. In paper is writing kavya is dumb. And its not propety paper. She get angry on karan.
Kavya. What is this.
Karan. Your propety papers.
Suddenly someone come from the house.
Its ragini.
Ragini. Sorry dear your planed failed.
Kavya. You did it right.
Ragini. Wow you are using your mind. When did start using your mind kavya. I thought that u don’t have it.
Kavya. Just stup up.
Ragini. Don’t u dare kavya.
Kavya get angry and was about to slap ragini. When ragini hold her hand and twist her hand.
Ragini. Kavya baby you don’t have that strenght to fight with me so don’t do it.
Kavya. Ahhhhh leave me.
Ragini. As your wish.
She leave her and push her and she fall down.

Ragini. Karan u are fired. You betrayed me.
Karan. No madam plz.
Ragini. No leave.
Karan. But.
Ragini. I said leave.
He leaves.
Ragini. Now what are you doing on floor. Let me guess are you begging from me. Ohhh so sweet. Stupid.
She leave.
Kavya stand up and say. Ragini i will not leave u. You must watch out. But how do u now about my plan. I have to find out.
She goes inside.
After some time everyone come from the office.
Dp. We got a deal.
Ragini. Really so in this way we should party.
Swara. But ragini.
Ragini. Oh comeon its will be only for youngers.
Swara. Ragini???
Ragini. Yea swara. All ap,dp,RP,sujhata. Will go for dinner outside.
Dp. But ragini beta.
Ragini. Oh come on everyone.

Everyone nod.
Ragini. Good.
So lets start.
After doing everything. All elders leave for dinner.


In the party.
There is many youngers in party.
Swara come out wearing a blue dress. With black heels. Curly hairs.
Ragini also come she is wearing a black dress. With halv backless. Curly hairs. (Her hair are open).

Everyone is precent there.
Ragini goes up to the stage.
Ragini. Hei guyz so this party is for youngers. As u all now. So i will not bore you. So lets start the party.
Music play in bg. ( its couple dance ).
Music. Sanam re.
Sanskar- Swara.
Laksh- Kavya.
And many others.
Suddenly some one call ragini and she attend the call.
Ragini. Hello who.
Man. Did you forgot me. So bad ragini.
Ragini. Aarav.
Aarav. Finally man. I heared u are in India.
Ragini. Yes.
Aarav. Ok where are u living.
Ragini. Maheswari mansion.
Aarav. Ohhh.
Ragini. Ohh aarav you come here na. Its a party here.
Aarav. Oh finally i will get food.

Ragini. Hahaha very funny. Now come i am waiting.
Aarav. Ok BABA. If u will not cut the phone so how will i come.
Ragini. Ok bye.
Aarav. Fooodddd i am coming.
Ragini goes inside.
People’s ask laksh to play guitar.
Laksh goes up to stage. And start playing guitar.
Ragini was there.
Kavya slowly open the zip of ragini dresss.
She feeled something and ask kavya.
Kavya. No its not open. I hope it ..
Ragini. Ohh plz.
She leaves from there and kavya smirk.
Swasan was not there.
Laksh was watching this and throw the guitar and run toward ragini. But suddenly someone come and hug ragini.
Ragini. Aarav.
Aarav. Shh.
Aarav close the zip and ragini get relief.

Ragini. But how is this opened.
Aarav. I don’t know yaar. Leave it. I think u forget to close it.
Ragini. Maybe.
Aarav. Give me food.
Ragini. Chill yaar. Your food is not going anywhere.
Aarav. Arh hooooo.
Ragini laugh.
All leave from the party
Swara. Ragini who is he.
Ragini. My aarav.
Swara. Haa.
Ragini. I mean my friend aarav.
Swara. Ohh..
Aarav. Hello sweety.
Sanskar. What do u think i am a girl.
Aarav. Bro chill its for your wife. She is beautiful.

Sanskar. No she is’t.
Aarav. Swara did you heard what he said.
Swara. Yes.
Ragini. Oh plz guys stop your drama.
All stop talking after sometime.
All leave to there room and aarav to his house.

Precap. Sanskar jealous og aarav.


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Aarav ( Ravi Dubey ).

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  1. Who is aarav?? I want someone for ragini please????and I want to see Lakshya jealous. Wait who is playing aarav character???

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Me too same doubt?but epi was superb when ragini twist kavya hand superb

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  3. Wowwww…but i think Laksh should be the one to get jealous not Sanskar. And i hope Aarav can give the happiness to Ragini which she deserves.? Love Ragini.?

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  9. Superb make laksh also jealous of aarav

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  12. Super scene wen rag twisted Kavya hand… Make Laksh jealous and make him feel for leaving her…

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