FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 3

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Ragini. I know what is kavya going to do. But sorry kavya your plan will be failed.
She lock the laptop and open the door.
swara was standing outside the door.

Swara. Ragini.
Ragini. Yea swara come in.
Swara. You know i am so happy that u are back. I was missing u so much.
Ragini. I now swara. I also missed u. You now na i can’t live without u.
Swara hug her.
Ragini hug her back.
Swaragini title plays.


In the hall.
Everyone is down. Waiting for ragini to come down. After some time swaragini come down. And all have a normal talk with ragini. They bless her. And was about to start eating. Suddenly kavya come down and goes to sit on head chair. Ragini sees this. She take chair little back and kavya fall down.
Ragini. Ohh kavya don’t u remember any thing. Head chair is for who is the owner and are older.
Kavya. You i will not leave u.
Ragini. Yea yea we will see. Now move. Dp uncle will sit here.
Ragini. Uncle u come and sit.
Dp. Its ok beta.
Ragini. No plz sit.
Dp sit on the chair and everyone start eating. After food everyone leave to there room.

Swasan room.
swasan come in.

Sanskar. Finally all the drama is over.
Swara. I am happy that ragini is back.
Sanskar. I am also happy.
Swara. Yea npw lets sleep.
Sanskar. What???. After so many days we got a chance to have romance and u are talking about sleep. So unromantic.
Swara. Sanskar u always think about romance.
Sanskar. I don’t think. What can i do if my wife is so hot.
Swara blushes.
Sanskar. Look who is blushing.
Swara. Sanskar.
And hug him.
He hug her back.

After sometime they break the hug.
Sanskar cup swara face and kiss her forhead, eyes, cheek. And at last there lips meet. The kiss had so much passion. Swara get shy and run to balcony.
He run after her. He hug her from back and kiss her shoulder
Swara. Sanskar.
Sanskar. Shhh swara.
he then open her dori and kiss her back. He take swara dupatta and throw it on floor and start kissing her neck. He lift her and take her toward the bed. He make her lay. And start kissing her neck. And after that he kiss her lips. Both C there marriage.


Guest room.
laksh is sleeping.
kavya. Don’t worry ragini i will get my propety back.
she rings someone.
Kavya. Are the work is done.
Man. Yes.
Kavya. Ok. Bye.
she cut the call and smirk.

Precap. Whats kavya plan.

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  5. Ufff….kavya is soo irritating. Unfortunately even my name is kavya. What the hell….please update soon and increase ragini’s part in the story.

    1. yes u r right even my name is kavya jane wat 2 do

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