FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 1

Hei guyz i am new here. Have been inspired by all of you. Hope you all will like it. And right know i am angry on laksh after all what he did with ragini is not good. So guyz my FF will start when laksh betrayed ragini and married kavya.?. Swara and sanskar are together because of ragini she make agreed her dad shekhar. And swara and snaskar are now together. Laksh is feeling bad that he betrayed ragini. After all are set and get normal ragini leave for london. There she is a big business women. Gadodia family is leaving in a mansion. So i hope i have cleared the things and now letz start the FF. And guyz plz do comment.?. And guyz kavya is treating bad to maheswari family.


In london.
A girl back is facing the camera. She is talking on mobil. And suddenly she make a turn and its clear its ragini. She is wearing a blue Top with light blue jean and black high heels.
Ragini. Hello.
Caller. Hello mam. Your work is done. We got the sign on papers and we have also take 2 fake copies.
Ragini. Good job. Now listen to me. Keep the paper safe. And i am coming back so i will meet u on 09:00 clock.
Caller. Ok madam.
Ragini. Ok.
She cut the call and call the manager.
Manager. Yes madam.
Ragini. Call the driver.
Manager. Ok madam.
He leaves.
Ragini. I am coming back.
Manager come and say madam driver is here.
Ragini. Ok. I am leaving but take care of my company. I am leaving on your behalf.
Manager. Don’t worry madam. I will take care.
Ragini. Ok bye.
Manager. Bye madam.
She leave for the airpot.

At the airpot.
Ragini get out of the car and goes toward her the flight area. She sit in the flight. And flight take of. After some hours she finally reached the place.
Ragini. So good to be back. Now its my time.

At maheswari mansion.
Kavya. Servantssss?????.
Swara. What happenend now madam.
Kavya. Learn to spreak or else.
Swara. Ok.
Kavya. Where is my food. I am hungry.
Swara. Come its on table.
Kavya. Good job.
She goes and take a bite og food and spill it out.
Swara laugh.
Kavya. You????.
Swara. What.
Kavya. You did it delibritaly.
Swara. Yes i did it after all you did with my family you deserve this. The greatest KAVYA.
Kavya slap her.
Kavya. You are forgeting that i am boss.
Swara. So what.
Kavya. Oh dear swara. You learned to misbehave with me. Now wait and watch.
She hold swara for her hairs and take her to a room. She push her in and close the door.
Swara. Open the door kavya.
Kavya. So sorry i will leave now for office.
Swara. Kavya open the door.
Kavya leave from there and goes to her room.
She sees laksh sleeping and throw water on his face. Laksh get up.
Laksh. What the hell.
Kavya. Dear husband stand up.
Laksh. What is your problem.
Kavya. Your stupid family.
Laksh. Kavyaaaa.
Kavya. Don’t shout are you now na what will i do. Now stand up and get ready tonight we are going to a party.
Laksh. I am not coming.
Kavya. I am not asking you, but ordering u.
Laksh. Ok i will see.
Kavya. No u have to come laksh baby.
Laksh. Ok?????? Kavya.
Kavya. Good boy.
She leave from there and goes to office.
In office.
Sanskar is working like a mad person.
Kavya see this and smile.
Kavya. Sanksar your wife did very bad to me so.
Sanskar. So what you did kavya with her tell me.
Kavya. Nothing special. I have locked her in a room.
Snaskar. You.
He was about to leave when kavya say.
Kavya. You now na if you leave then your salary will not paid.
Snaskar in mind. I am so sorry swara.
Snaskar goes from there. And start working.
Kavya smile.
After some time both leave for home.

In the road cl: 09:00.
A car stop there and a girl come out its ragini.
Ragini. Hello.
Man. Hi. Madam your work is done.
Ragini. Good here is your money. And now you should not be seen in this area.
Man. Ok. Here is the really and fake doucment.
Ragini. Ok.
She read it and say thanks to the man.
Man. Ok i will leave now.
Ragini. Ok.
She leave from there.

At maheswari mansion.
All the family member is trying to open the lock of the door.
Kavya and Sanksar come there.
Kavya. Ohhh look old people start to work.
Ap. Why are you doing this go us.
Kavya. To make your all life hell.
Ap. But what have we done.
Kavya. Nothing. Just i don’t like you guyz.
Ap. Leave swara.
Kavya. Never she is a bastard. She deserve this. You all deserve this.
Ap. Are you talking about your self.
Kavya. No about you who is a mother laksh.
Ap. I am not his mother. He is dead.
Kavya. No never.
Ap. You are bakwaas girl we have seen
Kavya. Mind your laungage. She push her and she was about to fall when some one hold her.

Precap. How is that.

Guyz i posted it but the tellyupdates did’t posted that so i again posted it. And its have some changed now. Because i did wanted to write same or maybe i did’t remember the total. And that ff name was swaragini episode 1. But they did’t posted it so i write again but little same. Sorry.
Hope you all like it. If you all not under standing so do tell i will clear it. Do comment guyz. And tell your opinion.????


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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb yaar I think ragini will come and become owner of the house and she will torture kavitha????? I expect this from your ff but epi was nice but. How sanskaar will not go after kavitha tells about the salary how stupid he is but others ragini part and Swara and kavitha fight nice. Kavitha slap was not nice..waiting for your next epi pls post soon

    1. hey Ranaji its not kavitha… its KAVYA

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Thnx puspa in my keypard in phone will do many mistakes so my many ff will have grammar error or name

      2. Kya faraq parta hai…both r chudails…..

  2. Awesome update. update please the next part?

  3. Dear plz continue its much far better than the actual story…………

  4. Nice. Waiting for the next one

  5. Reckless beauty

    Hi. Nice

  6. Nice one i liked it roshini

  7. great start… keep updating…

  8. superbbb….

  9. really nice update
    plzzzz continue

  10. Wow nice ff.Laksh deserves that after what he had done to ragini.But feeling sad abt swara n family. Hope ragini come back to MM n teach a lesson to kavya n also make laksh realize his mistake.

  11. nice start keep going…i lije this type of ragini strong n brave…

  12. nice start keep going…i like this type of ragini strong n brave…

  13. I am a silent reader but after reading ur ff….
    I don’t stop me on saying that it’s awesome….?
    Thanks for updating….eagerly waiting for next…
    Update soon..??

  14. Great job

  15. i want a new actor for ragini if possible

  16. I want original story like this

  17. Nice one dear keep it up. Update soon

  18. Thanks guyz

  19. It’s was super and does ragini have a child in your ff??? Anyway it was great and please post the next part soo

    1. Not til now. But Maybe in next

  20. awesome ….

  21. nxt epi soon

  22. Thanks everyone.
    Thank you so much.
    Everyone who comment on my FF.
    Thankyou so much dear.
    Thanks for your support and even if someof you are silent reader thanks.

    Rucha, reethi, aarti, jaf, pal, maya, swathi, marooshmalik, kayra, puspa, aisha, Ragsan, unkown, Anny, reckless beauty,
    Rahini, swara, cute girl, ranaji, janebetty, sindhu rm,
    And sorry if i missed someone.
    Thanks guyz.?❤?❤???????

  23. Rags agai

  24. Hi guyz i have posted episode 2

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