FF Spoilers – RashDeep Forever, Swaragini….once upon a time

So sorry guys for not updating my ffs on time…firstly i had exams and they ended yesterday…then i thought to write yesterday night but i fell ill….oh god tussi great ho…ek bimari khtm ni hui aur dusri de di….so coming to the point…i’ll post spoilers in this update nd then i’ll start updating ffs….so

Swaragini….once upon a time (royal)

there is a love story blooming that is RagSan but they don’t know each other’s names nor they have seen each other. They are pen friends. Another story that will be starting is PariSh. Ap nd Adarsh will come to Jaipur and PariSh will start.

RashDeep forever

Rashmi and Randeep come to shimla. They have got the change which was required. Soon they will be meeting…


Arjun nd other children head to camp with the school. KN is hiding near the same place. Ranjana will hit vivaan and laugh not knowing that he is her own son. Manohar is hiding seperately and is planning to revenge on ranjana nd KN.

Nd for Shimlaities…HAPPY SNOWFALL

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