FF : Sanjog Se Bani Sangini…. {Prologue}


Hey there people! I am Kirti and this is my first FF ever! I have my fingers crossed hoping for a good response. Please read, comment and do tell me if you liked the start of it.

With no destination in mind, she was walking alone on the empty road. What’s supposed to be a day full of happiness and best wishes for upcoming future for a normal girl turned out to be the saddest day if her life. The bond that ties new relations, in her case, it broke every relation she had with her loved ones. This was never meant to happen, they didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve this.
All decked up in bridal attire, she was looking beautiful but the tears that flowed out of her eyes, the pain clawing her insides and the sadness reflected on her face, they were saying a different story.
She closed her eyes, trying to control the whirlpool of her emotions but those haunted memories kept coming back.
“What the hell is this Ragini? How come you are here?” Shekhar yelled at his daughter, holding her arm tightly as he demanded an answer for her actions.
“Princess..” Laksh cupped her face in his hands, made her meet his gaze. “Tell me that this is a joke, please.” he pleaded, “My Ragini, my princess can’t do such a thing. No!”
“I haven’t met anyone as cheap and insensitive as you!” Sanskar pointed at Ragini who stood there, her face devoid of expressions and emotions. “You self centred, heartless woman!” Sanskar spat, throwing the flower garland in the fire.

“Why Ragini? Why so much hatred for me? What have I done to deserve this?” Swara cried, shaking Ragini back and forth.
“First your father destroyed my daughter’s life and today you, his daughter, destroyed my granddaughter’s life! You illegitimate girl!” Dida slapped Ragini hard, leaving finger marks on her cheek.
“You are dead for us now! Get out of our lives please!” Shekhar angrily folded his hands in front of Ragini, “It would have been better if you had died in place of your mother.”
(Flashbacks end)
All those hatred filled words kept ringing in her head. She covered her ears close with her hands but still couldn’t stop those angered voices, those hateful words that pierced her heart with poisoned needles. The pain was too much too handle. Devastated, she fell on her knees as a heart wrenching cry erupted out of her.

Ragini cried loudly, cried because of her fate. She yelled out loud in pain, clutching her hair tightly as she felt burdened because of the mangalsutra around her neck and vermilion in her hair partition line.
Such was her fate that her father was ashamed of calling her, his daughter, that the people whom she loved, hated her, the man who she wanted to spend her life with is married to someone else and she….she is now tied in a relation that has no future, a relation based on lies and deceit.
She had such an ill fate that though legally, she was Ragini Sanskar Rathore but her husband, Sanskar, wanted to have no relation with her.
Ragini cursed her fate, cursed the day she was born. Had she not been in their lives, everybody would have been happy. But that was only a dream, in real she had sealed her fate herself when she did all that.
Precap : Ragini’s memories of past.

Credit to: Kirti

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