FF- Raglak (Prologue)

Hello guyz i am writing a story on raglak. Guyz i am not happy on what is happening in swaragini on go track. I am not bashing on Swasan even i like them. But i want to write ff on raglak. I want rajat to take ragini with him and then raglak love story happen again. So i am writing it on raglak sorry if u felt bad.

Lets begin.
A cliff is shown ragini is shouting for help. Rajat is holding her. Swasanlak come there all was shocked to see ragini at the end of cliff. Laksh was shocked and swasan was also shocked to see ragini. Rajat said.
R. Now even if i dont get money or anything your love one will die.
L. Rajat dont you dare. I will kill you. You want money i will give you. Leave her.
R. Do u think i am stupid never. Now even i die with her. I dont have any problem with that. This is my way to take revenge.
Swara. Rajat leave her take me insread of her.
Sanky. Leave her.
Rajat. No never.
Ragini. Laksh. I dont want to die. Plz save me.
L. Dont worry ragini. Nothing will hapoen to u.
Rajat. Bye guys meet u in next janam.
Laksh. Rajat….
Rajat push ragini first and even she fell from cliff swasanlak shout. RAGINI?????.
Rajat. Phir mile gaye. ( we will meet again ).
He also jump from the cliff.
Laksh fall down. Swara was shocked tear were rolling from here eyes. Sanskar went to laksh and try to console her but laksh was shocked. He was not saying anything. He was sitting like a lifeless body. They all were crying sanskar take them home.

Everyone one was shocked to see swasanlak condition. But when they got to now that ragini is die. Everyone was shocked. Swara and laksh went to there room. Where other are shocked.
Ap. Sanky we have to do her last rituail.
Dp. Ha annapurna.
After somedays they did ragini last rituail. And everyone life changed.

Precap. 5 year leap.

Hope you all liked it. Plz tell me if i hurt someone. Plz guys do comment. Tell me if you are confused so i can clear it.

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  1. superb lovely.. its a great idea… plzz continue…

  2. Gud goinggg.,, superbbb

  3. pinkChocolate

    Yipeeee! Lovely it is such a bright idea??I am looking forward to ur ff ?

  4. Very nice make it more descriptive and lengthy

  5. Awesome i loved the plot… Plz continue

  6. Wow awesome. Thanks for the update. Even I wanted the current track to be like this
    But the Cv’s would never give so much importance to ragini. Good start. Keep going

  7. Yup l also wanted this. Yaar why always all boys will love Swara. Lakshya Sanskar and now this new one. There were many points where they could possibly do a love triangle for Ragini but they always simplified things with raglak and gave all lime light to swara . Hate them

  8. Wow superb story…. Continue

  9. superb dear and thanks a lot for raglak

  10. Awesome track

  11. awesome awesome even i want the same loved it and don’t end it very soon end it after 50 episode just loved it
    and please do write a ff on ragsan also <3

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