FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 1)

Pyar ka dard Hai meetha meetha pyara pyara (Episode1)
Its morning
Paya in there room..both r sleeping peacefully.
Adi just gets up ..n see panku still sleeping n slowly says her Good morning panky..
N then says good morning to his baby (unborn) by looking at panku..
N say he loves both a lot..n thanks her for making his life special..Then he goes to freshen up..
Just then panku gets up n sees adi z not there…
N just turns to c d watch n its 9already
Just then she sees adi n shouts at him for not waking her up as its already 9..n what might all may b thinking…
By d time adi was just smiling at her…n at last comes to her curdles her cheeks n keeps his finger on her mouth(just to stop her talks) n says no one ll say her anything as all ll think that u were sleeping..n starts being naughty with her..n asks hfor a hug..n goes to hug her..panku by d time breaks d hug..n says she’s already late..n asks him not to trouble her…
N goes to freshn up ..
Adi to himself- yee ladkiyann asee kyun hoti Hai Yarr..
Payyar karo tohh problem naa karo toh problem…n smiles n says I LOVE U


Every1 r buzy making one r the other things…
To make panku happy..
Same time paya comes down n every1 leave adi alone n takes panku ordering her not to any work from now …
Payal says she ll handle whole kitchen ..
Sheela n shanky say v have made timetable for ur daily routine….


Allr happy n kullu..
Pankuz mom says she got so good gift n was giving gifts to all with sweets for good news f panku..
By d time govardhan mama comes n SATs he ll b distributing sweets to full kullu now..
Chutki Baja ke.
Mami interrupts him m says do tihis after 3 months..
As v shd not revel such things…
Angry avantika enters Diwaan house..
Shouts at every1…
Panky comes to her to say something..
She stops her saying..
‘Stop there pankuri’

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  1. Wooooooooooooooooooooow……….
    Nice ff. Thanks for writing Pkdh ff.
    I am big fan of aadi and pankhu and never missed any episode. So, continue writing. I am really happy by reading this ff. Pls don’t stop writing……….

  2. Soo adorable!! Adi’s a sweetheart! Love his smile all d tym!! Pankhu’s d sweetest! Aww baby aane wala hai??!!!! So sweet!
    Best was – CHUTKI BAJA KE!! It cracked me yaar!! Superb!! Nxt tym plz add sheila’s “humare gao mein” na na i forgot her hometown! Can u plz add it too?? ” humare _____ mein” missin it a lot! Was d place ‘bholpur’ ya ‘dholpur’ ??

  3. amazing

  4. Awesome episode plz keep on writing n update daily

  5. Sure guys ll add it…but episodes only during weekends due to CLG…but now my holidays r going on so ll try adding as soon as I get time…btwn tq that u all loved it….thanxm again…

  6. Fab guys love it alot
    Want our pkdh back plz

    I wish i could see paya baby

  7. Han vedu …wanted d same yar..firsocha if sp not listening2 us then I ll do my own from now n continue from where it was left

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