FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 8)


Sorry guys I had my exams..so could not upload ..n due to projects I b buzy…but ll try my best…that I upload FF…

Episode starts..
Its morning adi n panku coming towards car…
Adi says to panku that he z exited for his kid..n goes on saying to panku —
Can u imagine pankuri…hamar bachha yar…something from our creation…n says he is eagerly waiting for his kid…
Panku sees this n gets emotional…
Adi teases her…

They drive off to home…
Adi n panku get down to s coffee shop in between…
Adi orders d waiter..to get 2 coffees ..
Arif z also present there..
He recownize ADI’s voice n turns to c him…
He sees him..
N was walking towards him..but remembers the conditions n gets back n sits to d next table…
Adi gets a call..n as there was low signal goes out f shop to attend it..
Arif thinks this z ri8 time ..
N goes towards pankuri..
N turns to see her..for a min he gets confused seeing her..

Thinking her to b ayesha..
He says ayesha z still beautiful as b4..but her dressing style…
Here pankuri gets call from avantika…she says to avantika that doctor said everything z oky..n reports r normal…
Arif hears this…
He passes in front of pankuri..n purposely makes his volet fall down..she notices that n call him
“Suniye x-cusme ” just then adi arrives..n arif rushes out…
Pankuri takes d volet n SAys about it to adi..
He says v ll leave it at reception so that when d person comes he can collect it…
She says OK..they drink coffee n leave to home

Credit to: Crazy Pkdian

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  1. Haaa…can understand that u r buzy Vyshu ..
    Par upload kar yar..first thing I miss pkdh n now ur ff making my love go mad…love u vyshu

  2. pankuri meri jaan

    U give small episodes..if u want but give han plz
    R u so busy Vyshu that no replies on watsapp also

  3. Yup..buzy n exams…collage..n project work dear….
    Final sem Hai..so for atlest getting good campus..must study..na ?
    Ff kasa Hai?

  4. Good 1…vyshu ll wait for next upload ….
    Best luck for final sem too..

  5. too short! But nice

  6. Lovely good luck for your exam babe I am a girl by the way I just thought you may be moi friend

    1. Ohh..! hello dear…
      N TQ for d wishes..

  7. Hyyyy crazy dr

    its nycc as always dr

    1. Thanks…dia…btwn wru? These days..fb A/c prob solve huva kya?

  8. Nice dr…..

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