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FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 7)


Episode starts with adi sitting in his cabin..n talks to himself that how can he Lev panku alone…
Avantika comes there n see him lost n his thoughts..
She asks him wt happnd..
He says everything..
Avantika maintains silence…
Then asks wt have u taught abt it.
Adi says there z no need to thinkabt it..
As I can’t Lev panku to go thr..
Adi says anyway he wanted to talk to her so he called her here..he speaks to her something n avantika says u must go for police station…
N don’t think abt pankuri more..I ll think of some that pankus wish z also fulfilled n she’s not hurt too..
As in starting days v she take extra care of her….
Adi nods n Lev’s…

Adi comes to police station n asks his lawyer r d papers ready…?
Lawyer nods..
Then they both heed towards d inspector…
Inspector asks lawyer to keep d matter within itself..
Coz its a high profile case..
Adi SAys it ll..n asks him not to worry.
A person z shown coming out f jail…
Smirking cing adi…
He comes to him…
He’s non other than ARIF
Adi z dam angry..but cntrls his anger..
Inspector gives few papers to arif n asks him to read it carefully n then sign them…
Arif taunts adi…n signs d papers…

Outside d police station
Arif calls out adi..n asks him to count his days with ayesha..
As he ll get back his ayesha..
N not let her live with him anymore..
He smirks n Lev’s..
Adi Zn taughts…

Adi meets avantika n says her what all happnd..n how arif thren’d him..
Avantika z in taughts..
Adi calls out her name..
N asks wt is she thinking…?
Just then pankuri enters d room with coffee..
N gives it to adi n avantika n avantika asks y did she bring d coffee ..? There r serventsin the house..n she must rest…!
Pankuri just smiles..
N avantika asks her do u want to go for kullu? Adi said me about it!
Pankuri gets happy..n was abut to say s..
But sees ADI’s face who was staring at her angrily..n stops herself n doesn’t say anything..
Avantika says to panku…tum adi se dar Rahi ho?u r avantikas DIL u don’t need to fear to any1..
N I have decided that u r going to kullu..
But with adi..
Adi n shock..
N says but mom…?
Panku gets happy n hugs her..
Avantika says once d checkup z over u can go..
I have took the appointment of doctor..
If she permits u then u can..go!
Panku gets happy n SAys she ll inform her mom..avantika smiles…

Adi asks avantiks y did u say s?
Avantika SAys to protect her !..
Arif still doesn’t know that panku z alive..n if he sees her here..he may think her as ayesha…n I can’t put her life n danger…
So u both Lev to kullu..
N stay there for few days…till I settle this ARIF ISSUE…

Adi n panku r outside n coffee shop..
Arif sees them…n gets angry..n says I ll get ayesha…she z only mine…!
N goes towards them…

Credit to: crazy Pkdian

  1. Mnz ayesha will soon enter

    crazy,,, ua awsmm

  2. Superb….. but please write regularly…

  3. Hai guys my CLG has started…n thus I ll write it only n weekends now…
    Keep enjoying

  4. crazy pkdian but please write I love to read ff of pkdh as this was my fav show and l love aadi and pankhuri specially aadi………..

  5. Hi plz keep on writing I’m waiting for new episode

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