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FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 5)


Its morning adi gets up and sees the time its 6..he says i have to do this..he sees panku sleeping peacefully and smiles seeing her and says goodmorning and cares her hair…
(pyar ka dard hai song plays in bg)
Avantika and harish were waiting down for adi..
Adi comes there …and avantika starts yelling at him,that he went on harish and must have time sense..harish makes faces at this..

All are having tea in kullu..
Pankus mom and chachi were in kitchen talking to each other
Chachi-I think we should call pankuri here,as its her first delivery
Pankus mom- han even i was thinking the same..
Chach-Shall i call her …?
Pankus mom- No,we must first talk about this to babujii ,if he permits then we ll call her

Adi,avantika and harish come to some construction site..
And are waiting for someone..
Avantika-Adi are you sure ki uss insane ne tume yahi address diya tha?
Adi-yes,mom i m sure..
Harish- i think v must call him..
Avantika-yes,harish is right…he said us to meet him at 7:30 and its already 9..

Payas room
Pankuri gets up…and says goodmorning to her baby,And suddenly feels that adi is no where…She becomes ready and goes down..
Payal comes to her and gives her energy drink..sheela intrupts…and says her fav dialogue dholpur main sab mere pass atae the to take tips..and gives pankuri badam milk..
And says payal that pankuri is also from chota shererr like her and ll not drink energy drik and ll only drink badam milk..
Payal-mami starts arguing..
Panku slowly escaps from there..and asks shanky kaka where z adi,he says he don’t knoe where he went but he went with avantika..
And panku calls adi..
There adi sees that panku is calling,and says avantika..avantika asks him not to pic the call for now..and says i hope u r understanding..

Adi-mom i understand..apko b panku ki chinta hai..i know..
Adi-avantika(in disguss)
some unknown person come to them-
avantika-u said us 7:30,n u r here at 9:30
unknown person-yes..i m
adi –hello..i m Aditya Kumar..are u sure about wht u said me yesterday?
Unknown person-hello Adi sir,yes kabhar pakii hai..!
Unknown person-says something(muted)
Avantika-adi-harish all in shock..
Harish-tekke tume tumare paisse miljayenge..u can go..but yadd rakhoo yeah batt ham 4 mei he rehnechaiiee..

Pankuri starts interogatting adi..adi starts talking to her about here n divert her mind..
Avantika looks on…


Credit to: Crazy PKDian

  1. Nice episode but can u plz give long updates in detail*

  2. I ll try …but can’t promise…as I m poor n elaborating d topics…n as its just an FF its a bit difficult too..sorry yar.but ll try

  3. Nice dr………

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