FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 4)

Episode starts with every one having tea..
A ll r enjoying.. and planning about baby..pankuri is very happy ,just then kaira starts pulling her leg,she feels shy and goes to kitchen,now kaira comes to adi and starts pulling his leg that after baby comes,pankuri ll have no time to him..and sjust then rubel interrupts n says adi,that he must now not make silly jokes,n must be strict to him….
Its night ,adi was going to his room,Just then adi says he ll never b strict to his child,indeed ll b his best friend,just then he gets a call..
Adiwhat? But why?..oky i ll see to it..
Rubel was standing there,n asks him what happend?
Adi(to himself) should i say rubel about this r no?..
Rubel-> adi i m speaking to u! Kiska call tha?
Adi-> han.. ni kuch nahi,it was call from some client, thats it..
Adi says to rubel not to worry.. n go n sleep now..
Adi z n tension…
(avantikas room)
Avantika->Adi you here..its too late you must sleep now..
Adi->mom i need to talk to u,plz its urgent..
Harish->Adi is everything oky..pankuri……
Adi->dad pankuri is fine..but from now no nothing might be oky … 
Avantika->adi just say clearly huva kya hai..?
Adi->(knots the door) n says something to avantika(muted)

Avantika->Kya? Adi are you sure about this?
Harish-> but adi u know it cant happen..
Adi-> i wish it could not happen dad..but it has..  mai pankuri ko kuch ni nonedungaa

Adi goes to his room..sees pankuri reading books..
Pankuri-> adi..
Adi(lost in his own taughts)
Pankuri- adi..kya huva..? app itne pareshan kyu ho..?
Adi-> (after some time) kuch nahi yaar..i was just thinking ki jab tu moti hogaygi toh tuze hug kese karun..?  
Just then pankuri gets angry n takes a pillow which was beside her n starts hitting adi..
N they have cute pillow fight(I STILL MISS THIS PILLOW FIGHTS OF PAYA)
Some one is shown coming out of jail..

Adi,avantika,harish comes to some place…a man comes to them…
Adi asks that person are u sure of what you said me yesterday?
The man says yes..avantika starts questioning him….


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