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FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 3)


Episode starts from where it was ended…
Every1 trying to calm down avantika….
N panku Full tensed…
Adi looks @ panku Comes to her n holds her hand n smiles looking at her..just to make a feel better..Now ayush also tries to calm down avantika..but she mares her anger n refuses to listen anybody..
N tells she just want answers from pankuri…

(Singapore,Preetis house)
Preeti talking to sameer n asking him to visit Mumbai once as she wants to meet panky n adi, n n exitment goes n telling to him
Tume pata Hai jab sabko pata chalatha that I was pregnant…adi n panky were d one who teased me a I ll not spear them..
Just then realises wt she actually said …
N remembers about her miscarriage n gets sad….sameer also gets sad,but makes himself strong n specifies preeti….
N jokes with her just to make her smile…
N tells that v shall soon go to Mumbai to meet adi n panku


Avantika comes to pankuri..
Grabs her hand n brings her in center f d hall

[Avantika-> A,Pankuri-> P]
A:- So,pankuri now get ready to question my answers…
P:- par…mom
A:- wt did u think f urself? You can do what ever u want too…n no 1 ll interfere..
Adi:- mom,just listen ….
A:- I m not yet finished adi…
So pankuri..tume kya laga tum sab ke sath milkar muze aur harish ko WORLD TOUR par bejdogi..? N ll snatch n biggest happiness f my life?
P:- standing with teary eyes
A:- u already had a dout that u r pregnant..n u din even share that with me?n sent me to tour with harish …
How would I let that happen ..I wanted to b here with u ,adi n all with this v came back..
Now get ready for punishment..
P:- still n a shock!
Adi:-mom …?
Rubel:- bua u scared us..
Payal:- han I was literally …
A:- ek actor ki wife it s comnan that
I would have learnt acting with him..
Sheela:- tumne toh harish ko b acting mei pichhe chod diya..
P:- mom..meri punishment..?
A:- smilingly ….
That u must promise me that u ll stay always happy,n no work no tension n hugs her..
Adi:- mom,app toh inn logon ki Tara hogayi ho..u forgot me ..
Abb muze kon hug karega?

They 3 have a cute hug..
Ayush:- let’s take a selfi….
All f them take a cute selfi….

Adi panku n room having cute argument n have a cute pillow fight…
N d other side some1 z shown getting out f JAIL

———–* * * ————–

Credit to: crazy Pkdian

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