FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 2)

Episode starts with
Every1 pamparing panku…
N leaving adi alone ..
He makes some faces saying potee ki ane ke kushi mei beta ko bhul gayee..
How mean…!

He gets a call by Mr.Mehta n gets busy..with it

Scene 2

Panku getting irritated…
Payal brings few international products for panku n Gets few CDz n tell her to eat the special food…
N watch d CD for good growth f baby….
Immediately sheela Mami starts that no foreign good r required..n she is sheela from dholpur…every1 uses to ask her suggestions b4 as how she got so good kids who r fair,intelligent ,…….etc..

Rubel n kaira starts giggling n kaira interrupts her n jokes n rubel tells her not to b overdrametic…


Every1 having breakfast….
Angry avantika enters calling out pankus name…
Adi who was attending call cuts d call n comes running to hall..n tells mom here?
But how? V sent her to world trip 3 days ago..n suddenly here but…
N goes to chk…
Mean while avantika calls Pankus name…
N harish asks her to calm down..
Avantika -No harish today only I ll speak n u ll not come n middle…
Panku- mom! App yahaa..
N goes to hug her…
Avantika- stop there pankuri!
Sheela- par avantika..
(Avantika gives angry looks to her..n she shuts)
Rubel- bua just listen to us once..
No … Just stop today only I ll question n panku must answer..n no 1 ll cm in between…
Adi- par mom
Avantika- I said no one…can’t u hear that

Panku with teary eyes…
Adi sees her n tension n goes to her n hold her hand n smiles at her..
Avantika (still angry) what did u think…? U ll do what ever u want n v must listen to it? This won’t happen..avantika Kumar…just listens to herself.
Ayush tries to calm her down…with harish n all members…


Credit to: crazy Pkdian


  1. crazy PKDIAN

    Glad u all liked it…btwn guys keep giving d feedbacks…do say if u need any changes….n sorry for few spelling mistakes…!

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