FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 17)

Hello guys I m back with the next update..n sorry as I could not update the episode on Friday..
So uploading it now..

Thank you for loving my FF..Keep encouraging me..by ur valuable comments..so here the next update..

Sorry the update is small due to my exams..after my exams ll upload long updates


episode starts with arif approaching pankuri..arif has all the flash backsof how Ayesha had forcefuuly joined him in work..how she loved him…how she taught him his inspiration…how she had prepared the dress in a single night..how he took all credits..n how adi fought for her and became hero..how he fell in love with her then adis accident…when he approaches pankuri..pankuri gets a call from adi and starts talking to him..arif gets angry and was about to leave..when she finds arif there..she asks adi that she will talk to him later..and goes to arif..arif sees this and is happy..but pankuri comes to him and says

pankuri- app yaha kya karrahe hai?

Arif-salam..! Vo actually mein..

pankuri-mein kya..?kya abb app muze rishvat dene ayehai?..dekhiyein app..

arif- nahi darasal mein appse mafi mangne aya tha..! n thankyou b bolne aya tha..

pankuri-muzse..?aapko uss insane se mafii puchne chahiyee..aur app

arif-no..actually I have asked him sorry ..n I wanted to ask u sorry too

pankuri smiles at him and says agar appko pachtava hai toh vahi badi bath hai mere liye..

arif- well..mera naam Arif hai..! Arif sheik aur app?

pankuri- mera naam pankuri hai..Pankuri Kumar..

arif- nice to meet u pankuri..

Pankuri-vase meine appko yaha kabhi nahi dekka ..app yaha naye ho?

Arif-yes, I m new here..i m here to search my love..
Aur app?
pankuri-g nahi..mein kullu se hi hun..but mein Mumbai mein rehete hun..with my husband ..

arif-oo..well m new here..if you don’t mind..i mean only if you don’t mind can you make me roam all kullu…
as I have herd that the next heaven is here..
as we are friends..now..

pankuri-oky..but I have to ask all in my family..i will let you known..

arif-oky..wese your number..

pankuri says her number han take doen 874******0 ..

arif- bye then..

pankuri reaches home and is shell schoked seeing rubel standing on his two legs with out any support..
and is very happy..she runs to them to confirm and payal holds her and shouts her to control her emotions as shes pregenent..
all are very happy and pankuri asks everyone that they all must celebrate this ..and says them that they all shall go to peak point..
all agree to this and starts their paking..then she asks if her friend can accompany them tommo..as hes new here..
they agree..payal asks her whos that friend..pankuri is about to say this when chachi calls her..

pankuri calls arif and says she ll make him roam all kullu ..as shes going with her family tommo..arif gets tensed

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