FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 16)

Hello guys I m back with the next update..n sorry as I could not update the episode on Friday..
So uploading it now..
N I hope u all know that PKDH FF z from Monday to Friday only..
(this update is of Friday)
Thank you for loving my FF..Keep encouraging me..by ur valuable comments..so here the next update..
Sorry the update is small due to my exams..after my exams ll upload long updates


Episode starts with arif asking everyone about pankuri..he gets the address..
And is happy..
And then later goes to some person and tells him that he needs a house on rent near pankuris home only..
The man says he cant..
Just then he bribes him..

This is watched by pankuri..

Arif says paisa hai toh sab kuch hai…
That man insists and says him he cant..but still arif tries to force him..

Pankuri comes there and slaps arif hard..(just imagin guys)
And says him
“aap ki himat kase huvi..inko rishwat dene ki..?
App jese logon ke wajase sab hindustaniyon ka naam kharab hota..hai..
She comes to that man..and says him..agar iss insane ne appko phirse tang kiya toh app muze bata dena..”
And goes from there..

Arif remembers how ayesh use to shout at corrupted people..
And then remembers the party night..
When arif insulted Adii,and how Ayesha supported him..
He gets angry..

Then he runs behind pankuri..
And says suniyee mam suniyee..
And she turns to see whos it..just then she sees payal calling her and goes to her..
Arif says to himself that it was good he saw payal on time..
And on the other side payal says pankuri to go to home..as she will directly pic rubel from ashram and reach home..
She says oky..and both leave

Pankuri gets a call from adi and she keeps disconnecting it..
But then adi asks her to pic the call(through sms)..as he wants to speak to his child ..and he has ri8 to talk to it..
Later pankuri pics the call but does utter a word..
And when adi asks the reason she replies that he wanted to speak to their child..
(arif was following her)
Pankuri notices someone following them..she was about to inform it to adi..just then the car overtakes her car..
And then pankuri says adi that she wants to have pani-puri(golgappe) ..
Just then she again sees the same car following her again..which comes infront of carand stops..
Adi is on cal..
Arif comes out of car..and proceeds towards pankuri…

Pankuri reaches home..and is shocked

(can any one guess why was she schoked)

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