FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 15)


Hello guys I m back with the next update..
Thank you for loving my FF..Keep encouraging me..by ur valuable comments..so here the next update


Location-Kullu,pankuri’s house
Its night..adi asks to pankuri to sleep early..as he has searched on net what good things should be done..when they are pregnant..and says her that she will go on jogging frm tommo with him..and remises her the friends peek point..and how she helped him to climb the hill…(Payar ka dard hai song plays in BG)

Location-Mumbai,Deewan family
Sheela talks to payal on phone where payal inform her that rubels treatment has began..and much more recovery is seen..sheela gets happy at this and says payal that “chote sheron ki kasiyat hi yahe hoti hai…!”
On the other side sheela is also informed by payal that that adi is returning back..

Pankuri and others bid bye to adi..and adi strictly warns pankuri to only have healthy food,and asks her to follow the routine that he has given her..he then comes to payal and rubel and tell them to take care of panku..and asks rubel to get well soon..as he wants to play badminton with him like before..
As adi leaves for Mumabi,arif reaches kullu..

Pankuri and payal have went for shopping..and suddenly pankuri gets a call from adi..asking her wherebouts and pankuri on other hand instead of answering to adi..sees panipuri stall and tells him that she wants to have panipuri..adi is sel-shocked and scolds her and threatns her not to have pani-puri..or else he would tell about it to mom(avantika) pankuri just stays silent..and is desperate to have pani-puri

Pankuri is angry on adi as he did not let her have pani-puri (goal-gappe)..and other side arif is following her in car..and pankuri notices it..that someone is following her

(Extemely sorry guys as I could not write a big one..due to my exams..by then you all enjoy todays update)

Credit to: Crazy PKDian

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