FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 14)


Hello guys I m back with the next update..
Thank you for loving my FF..Keep encouraging me..by ur valuable comments..so here the next update



Episode begins with everyone arriving at kullu..and everyone welcoming them..all are happy due to arrival of panku..
Dadaji thanks adi for allowing panku to come to kullu..
Govardhan mama comes there and informs them that they will be going to vedji to make rubel well and fine..

Location-Hilly place(unknown) but at the peak

Arif meets a lady..
And tells her that he hates those people who are not time cousious..and the other side the lady with an attitude says I hate non-sence talks..lets come to point now..
The girl iis shown to be latika..

She says you are just the beginner n the game..and mei to hiss khel ki purani khiladi hun..
Arif-I don’t care who ever you are I just want ayesh ..that aditya kumar has made her pankuri
In fact she is not even recognizing me..

She says what ?
What are you talking of? Ayesha ? Pankuri?
Wait do you mean the girl with whom adi is staying is not pankuri but Ayesha?
Arif nods and tells the whole story how Ayesha became pankuri to cure adi and how he got to known of Ayesha being pankuri..
She says theres something which we are missing out..and I have to find it..

Avantika on call talks to adi..
Adii says he has reached safely here and her DIL is also safely reached
And informs her that tommo they are going to hospital


Pankuri in balcony closes her eyes..and takes a deep breath and says adi she was missing this since so many days..and hug him and says him thankyou..
He brings ice cream for her and he teases her as her favorite flavor was not available …
And she has to eat other flavor today..
They both start fighting..(Payar ka dard hai song plays iin BG)

Pankuri tells adi and says him that she wants to eat panipuri..that too from road side..
Adi looks in schok and scolds her..
Otherside Arif reaches Kullu

Credit to: Crazy PKDian

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