FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 13)


Hello guys..got so good response for the previous update..literally loving that you all r enjoying the updates..thank you so much
Here’s the next update

Episode 13-

Location-Mumbai-Deewan House

Episode starts from where it had ended..Reena talking to someone unknown person on phone..and giving him the update that they are going for kullu..

And says him that she wants to end this all come back to him soon..
Just then she sees some shadow..and gets alerted and starts talking to unknown person that she cant attend her weeding as she has made her mind to settle down ..and till she does that she will not take rest..

She ends the call and turns back and sees ayush standing behind her..and looking at her angrily..
Reena wonders if he heard her all talks? Or the only one that she intentionally made him to hear?

Location-Kullu-Pankuri’s maika

All are happy in kullu as after so many days adi,panku,rubel,and payal are comming to visit them..
Pankus mom says to all that she had fear if adi will allow panku or no..but he allowed her and infact coming with her too..

Just then govardhan mama enters and says y will aditya babu not allow our pankuri…? If he doesn’t allow her then I would have went to Mumbai and would fight with him and bring our pankuri here chutki bajakeee…..

Location-(unknown place-it’s a hill side )

Some place is shown arif was waiting their…
Just then a car comes and a lady comes out of car..

Location-Mumbai-Deewan house

Every 1 bidding bye to pankuri adi rubel and payal..

Sheela comes to pankuri and says her to take care of her -self and child..and follow the timetable..and says you always take care of others but you never take care of you-self..or else I ll also come with you to kullu..
and this is correct and is about to say something when avantika interrupts and says their pankuris family is also their who can take care of her..
Avantika asks her to take care of her-self and adi..
And then Avantika comes to Rubel and says that when next time you come here back..i want to c you running like before..And asks payal to take care of Rubel..

Arif meets a lady on some hilly place ..
He says I hate late comers
And she says I hate to waste time and foolish talks..

Credit to: Crazy PKDian

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  1. Nice episode loved it n missing adI n pankhu hi can u plz try n make updates little more longer

  2. Nice; loved it can u show more of Adi n punkhu…??

    1. sure.. i ll had it up in next episode..
      thanku for the valuable comments

  3. Plz continue to write love it

  4. Plz post the next episode…i m waiting.

    1. u ll get it soon..i have submited the episode..an hour ago it may get uploaded by 10 night

  5. Nice………
    Continue writing please……

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