FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 12)


To All FF Readers:–

Hello guys..! I had stopped writing the FF as I din get a good response from all you guys..think you r not loving the track..anyways today saw few comments who requested me to add next chapters of the FF..so its just for them..i mean to the lovers of PKDH..but please guys encourage me with your comments..if u need any extra secnes r wanna bring any characters r if you all want some different track plz comment..as if I don’t get any response..i feel u all r not loving the track..n it leads to dissappointment..n hence then I shall stop writing..

Episode 12 update:–

Episode starts with panku in room she was selecting the dresses and just then gets a call from kullu..
It was dadaji..
P:- pranam dadaji..
D:-namaste beta..kese ho?
P:-mai..bilkul teek hun..aur aap kese hoo?
D:-mere toh umar ho gayi hai..so mai abb jasa hun vasa hi tek hun..aur bato aditya babu kase hai? Aur baki sab ghar mei kese hai…?
The talk goes on for a while

Panku returns to the room and finds adi paking the bag!
P:- adi yei app kya kar rahe hai?
A:- Packing!
P:-Packing? App kahi jaa rahe hai? Koi bussiness tour hai? App ne muze pehle kyun nahi bataya?
A:- Hold on pankuri..ek hi time pe itnee sare saval..tum ladkiya kab samzogii yar..?
A:-aur han mein nahi hum zarahe hai!
P:- hum?
A:- han hum..v r going to tommo to kullu..so get ready..!
P:-Panku sach..?iska matlab hai ki app man gaye..thanku so much adii..n hugs him..
A:-han vo kya hai..ki muze teri adat pad gayi hai..aur abb tere bina yahan man b nahi lageha..n vase b I cant stay far from my kid too..so I m coming to kullu..  

(secne shifts)
Reena comes to hall n finds sheela ordering servents to pack the food..n says to packs the gifts too..she sees thatand asks sheela is there any function r festival in your home..shella at first makes faces but then says her son n DIL r going out of station so shes asking them t pack the things..reena then praises her ..then she gets a call..
She goes to receive the call..
Till when should I do this acting..?these people are really too irritative n that sheela..she just keeps bosting her self..as if she is any mother of prince charm..anyways why did u call me when it is decided that we shall n chat through message..!
( Unknown ):- is there any important news that I should know?
Reena:- no not as such..but sheela said her son n DIL r going somewhere..
( Unknown ):-why did u not inform me this before..?
Reena:- as I taught its not that important..
( Unknown ):-each n every news of Deewan mansion is important to me..got it

Reena finishes her talk n turns back..n sees ayush standing behind her..
Ayush looks angrily to her..
Adi panku rubel n payal reach kullu n are welcomed by all….

Credit to: Crazy PKDian

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