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FF for Pyar Ka Dard Hai..(Episode 11)


Episode begins from ayush asking avantika to take her to their home…as its too big….n she z his friend…she also likes to take photos like me..plzzzx
He rqust her a lot…

Avantika- hey..listen ur name….? Anyway my name avantuka Kumar..
If u want u can stay in our house..till u get settled here…
V don’t have any problem..
Girl- my name z Rena sheik
N tq mam..u have already helped me a lot..but thanks I can manage..
Avantika- okay I won’t..but atlest till ur leg becomes alri8 u should stay okay..
Now let’s go..
In car ..
Avantika calls shanky n informs him to clean guest room…

Adi is still annoyed n confused to send panku r no…
Rubel comes there n says him not to worry as I n payal r also accompning her to kullu…

Adi smiles..but thinks y did mom allowed pankuri..
How could she?
I should talk to her…!
He z about to call.just then avantika enters ..
Adi comes to her n z about to ask..
Just then he notices a girl coming in..with ayush..
Adi- yeee? Who’s she ?
Avantika- she’s Rena
Ayush- meri friend !
Avantika- she ll b staying with us..from now
Adi greets her..
Avantika says cm I ll introduce u to all..
Rena say all..

Secne 3
Avantika z n room..adi comes to her n asks y did she allow pankuri to go to kullu…!
Avantika stays silent..
Adi – mom pankuri is my wife I have d ri8 to know..
Avantika- the reason z arif adi..

He has cm back..n may try to contact her meet her ..n to protect her I took the decision..
Adi- what if he goes to kullu..?
If pankuri z here then atlest she ll b in front f me..I can protect her mom..
Avantika- how adi? Do u know that he was following u both ..he had also reached to cafe..
Adi shell schoked!!!

Adi was packing pankuris bag
…he then puts his clothes also .
Pankuri asks him y his clothes
Adi replies that he ll also cm with her to he can’t stay with out her n his kid…

Credit to: Crazy Pkdian

  1. Wow how sweet adi

  2. Hmmmm

    but i tht u kept ayesha fr ayush

  3. How cute epi I really miss adi n pankhu

  4. plzz uploolad the nxt chap..

  5. Please upload next episode……. wating for it…..

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