FF : One True Love (Prologue)

*The prologue was getting way too lengthy as I tried to add the character sketch too. So I thought of writing it in a different way. Following is a short prologue introducing the center of this story (that’s me, the world famous writer Arshia 😛 😉 ). I will be introducing all the characters along the story, at the point of time when they will be mentioned or introduced. I hope you’ll like the prologue. Thank you 😀

Though I would like to mention the couples of the story. They are;

1. RagSan
2. ShivIka
3. Omkara-Tarini
4. RuMya
5. Rajveer-Rhea (ArIya)
6. Vidyut-Adah (Commando 2)
7. ArSh
8. SaBigail


“Some say that one’s love story is written in those shining stars that grace the night’s sky, some say that it’s the job of the mischievous sister called fate and the sweet one called destiny, some say that it’s a soul thing, a soul searching for its mate, some also call it the weaved web of the red string of fate that might be stretched or twisted but never breaks off. But if you ask me what I think, I will say that it’s just the hormones messing up with your brain.” I replied making Ishana, the interviewer laugh lightly.

“Miss Arshia you are the most popular romance author right now, you have written more than 30 romance stories, all of them got excellent reviews. I am curious as to why such a romance author doesn’t actually believe in love while she writes about it so captivatingly.” Asked Ishana.

“Those are fictional works Miss Ishana. It’s not that I don’t believe in love, I have just never experienced it. You know what kind of love I am talking about right?” Ishana nodded and I continued, “Nowadays the true love lies only in books, movies and dramas alone.”

“Hhhmm. It’s quite surprising , I mean that you write about love so beautifully that it makes everybody wants to fall in love but you are saying that you haven’t fallen for anyone.”

“Well you can say that I haven’t found the right one to love yet. The one for whom I will become a woman like in my books.”

“I am waiting for that to happen too.” I narrowed my eyes at her in a mocking way, “Last question for the day. What are you planning to write about next?”

“I am actually taking a break now. I am moving back to Mumbai. These past 5 years in Delhi has been great, I started off as a GM then turned a writer I am quite happy with what I have achieved but now I want to go back to live with my parents, plus I will also get to meet my friends. Mumbai is home.” I smiled, “And about my next book, to be honest I don’t have a plot in my mind right now. Maybe I will find a story in Mumbai.”

“I must say that I enjoyed interviewing you. You are one unique person. I wish you all the best for you next venture and I really hope that you will find your one true love soon.”

“Thanks Miss Ishana. It was nice talking to you too.” I said shaking hands with her. Ishana then turned towards the camera and said, “It’s time to say goodbye viewers, we will meet next time, a new guest but at the same show, same time. Thanks for watching.”

Once the director said cut I sighed in relief, this interview thing wasn’t my cup of tea. I stretched my hands and sat back on the sofa seat. Ishana then turned to look at me. “What?” I asked.

Amused she sat beside me and hooked her arm with mine, “I haven’t experienced that kind of love.” She mimicked me, “What about those 8 ex boyfriends whom you scared by popping up the big question, huh?”

“Ssshh..” I covered her mouth with my hand, “Don’t say that. I only said all that stuff to maintain my reputation. And it so wasn’t the true love I am finding, if anyone one of them loved me truly i would have been married by now.”

“Seriously Shia! You operate on rules, hands holding by second date, a kiss on the cheek on fourth, a peck on the lips after 3 months of dating and 6 months for the first base. And if a guy passes that 6 month timeline you propose him for marriage and always end up getting rejected.”

I wrapped my hands around her neck, “ISHANA!!” I whisper yelled, “Stop it right now else I will forget that you are my best friend!” I huffed out a breath and unwrapped my hands from her throat, “What’s wrong in that? I just don’t wanna end up being a single mom like my mother.” I felt sad remembering how hard my mother’s life was, “She made a bad choice and that resulted in her being left alone and pregnant by that man. She lived a lonely and difficult life and took her life when she could bear anymore of it.” Ishaana side hugged me.

“Shia, don’t let your mother’s past decide you present and future. Love isn’t about fears sweetheart. You have to let go off of all the apprehensions to fall in love with someone truly just like you describe in your books.” She rubbed my arm in an affectionate manner, “I really hope you will found the one meant for you soon for whom you will let go all your fears.”

“Yeah yeah, with my bad luck I don’t think that such a day will ever come. Till then I will keep fantasizing and writing novels on that.”

“Oh that day will come alright! Maybe going back to Mumbai will change things for you.”

“Maybe.” I smiled.

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  1. superb thanks for ragsan dr

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    1. Arshia

      Thank you

  3. Hi nice prologue but who is omkara tarini

    1. Arshia

      Wait a sec..your name is Tarini as well??? 😮

      Actually I am a IshKara (Ishana-Omkara of Ishqbaaz) fan, and I don’t like RiKara pair, so I am introducing this new character “Tarini” who will be played by Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar. Tarini is Ragini’s identical twin in this story.

  4. Nice start please update soon
    Even i want to know who is tarini opp omkara

    1. Arshia

      Thanks Prajakta.

      Tarini is Ragini’s twin sister (both played by Tejaswi Praksh Wayangankar). Aside from Ishana (Vrushika) I actually like Tejaswi and Kunal as a pair and in future I wanna see them both in a show as a couple. You can say I am living my fantasty through this story 🙂

      Plus the name Tarini means “The saviour”, “She who frees” and Omkara needs to be free of the past and all those problems in the show, hence the choice of name.

  5. AMkideewani

    Superb Arshia I love it very much and thanks for RagSan❤

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    Superb prologue

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    Awesome….bt who is tarini….post soon….

    1. Arshia

      Tarini is Ragini’s twin sister. Tejaswi and Kunal = tarini and Omkara

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