FF – Against All Odds (Plot)

“Ragini to marry Kartik?”

As much as the said news is confusing, it is kind of exciting as well. If this is true, I think I have an idea how it will happen. Imagine what a story it would be, Ragini gets married to Kartik and the event hits Laksh hard and he realizes his love for Ragini but then again he couldn’t do a thing to stop marriage on time.
A devastated Ragini, heartbroken ‘n’ shattered Laksh and evil anti-hero Kartik. It will be a love triangle, worth watching, won’t it be interesting to see Kartik falling in love with Ragini and Laksh trying to get Ragini back?

After what Laksh did to Ragini, not at the time of their re-marriage but from the start, I never did liked him. He had been playing with her feelings right from the start. Plus Kartik really looks great! Okay okay, he’s handsome, charming and s*xy!

Getting to the point, I want to say that I have a RagKar story in my mind, where you would see Kartik and Ragini falling in love despite all the odds against their relationship. Even though I am die hard RagSan fan, the idea of RagKar is tempting as well. But yes, I am no SwaSan fan, so there will be no separate scenes of them as the story will be focusing on Kartik-Ragini-Laksh only. All the other characters will be only playing supporting roles.

In case, you are interested in this FF, please comment. Eagerly waiting for the feedback. Thank you 😀

Credit to: Kirti


    • Kirti

      Thanks a lot ck1234. RagKar is new for me, but if RagKar are really gonna happen in the serial, I am all in for it, that’s why this ff.
      Will post the prologue soon.

    • Kirti

      Eh…uumm..well it isn’t going to be RagLak at the end in this ff, it will be RagKar here. I am gonna show how Ragini’s love changes the lives of both Kartik and Laksh but at the end it will be only RagKar.
      I will pln for a RagLak FF in future. But right now I have my hands full with this one and SSBS.

  1. do a triangle story but finally we want laksh.. ya I agree with u that from starting he played lot with ragini so for karthick is not perfect if it’s any other may b I would agreed but it’s karthick means then laksh is better than him.wat al laksh did so make him of jealous scene already now he regretting for his deeds it’s not enough then if u talk about ragini then anyhow now he is away from her it’s enough..make it raglak to the final end..

    • Kirti

      Actually Rasha, it is going to be a RagKar at the end, not RagLak. Actually the whole theme of the story is that two people who had there share of mistakes that they committed in past, now coming together with shadows of past lurking around. It’s about Ragini who is on the way on redemption, Kartik who wants revenge for his sister and Laksh who will fall madly in love with Ragini.
      The story will be that how Ragini and Kartik come close and fall in love against all the odds of their relationship. Be it the family, Kavya, Swara, Laksh and Sanskar.

    • Kirti

      Sorry to disappoint you, but it will be RagKar at the end.
      I have explained in my previous replies as to why and how this story s about RagKar.

  2. Bisha

    Great! So a diff lead for Ragini. This fictitious character will get a bit relief seeing her paired with some other leads Other than Sanskar ir Laksh! Can you read these few ffs Miss Ragini? 😉 LOL

    • Kirti

      Well yeah, if such thing happens in the show as well, it will be good to watch. And moreover what else will they show? I mean Swara and Sanskar are together, if Ragini doesnt get paired with any other character then the story will become boring. Like Laksh falling for Ragini, they get together, then what? some new villain? :p

  3. Shreya

    Hey kirti..!! this seems to be new.. but don’t make it raglak at the end.. ragkar is something new as well as different.. and yeah kartik is really cute..!!

    • Kirti

      It will be RagKar at the end Shreya, do not worry 🙂
      RagKar is new and refreshing, I am loving the idea of RagKar, hope that it happens in the serial as well. And yes, Kartik is really cute…. 😀

  4. Tanvesha

    Laksh did wrong, but ragini had done no less…how can ppl jus keep on blaming laksh over everything…
    N no offence but raglak is better than ragkar .

    • Kirti

      Well, Ragini can’t be blamed for everything that happened. Agreed that Ragini has her share of mistakes but for that others are somewhat responsible for that as well. See Ragini had lived a pretty sheltered life where all her decision were taken by Dadi, even her father never stood up for her. Ragini was taught to believe in everything Dadi says, like she did when Dadi said that Swara’s mother was responsible for Janki’s death.
      So when Dadi said that Laksh is gonna be her husband, that Dadi will get Ragini married to Laksh and Laksh only, so Ragini believed that Laksh is the guy for her and she fell for him but Laksh toyed with her feelings. Ragini had somehow accepted SwaLak relationship but Sanskar came and sowed the seeds of manipulation and revenge. Wasn’t it Sanskar who motivated Ragini to get her love back and then the drama continued.
      See, Ragini’s character was shown as a naive girl who got manipulated easily. So along Ragini, everybody is also to be blamed.

      Gosh, I blabbed so much. :p
      And this story is going to be RagKar and not RagLak.

  5. Kirti

    Thank you kriya, rakhi, musu, addul hafiz.
    Thanks a lot for commenting.
    I am happy that even a FF about RagKar, whose story hasn’t actually started, is welcomed to be read.
    Will update the prologue soon.

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