FF- A LOVE STORY (Introduction)

This is my First FF..

With Character of Yeh rishta kya kahlata hai (new cast)

Character Introduction :-

Mohsin khan as kavya ,
Shivangi joshi as Shivi,
Rishi dev as Rishi,
Mohena as Mahi..
Sachin as Kavya Father
Parul as Kavya Mother
Akshara as Shivi mother
other character will introduce as and when required.

Beginning :- On New Year’s Vacation in 2016, Kavya goes with his family to enjoy vacation at Goa, also shivi with her mum in Goa. Shivi sitting on sofa and reading her book as she is loved reading, other side Kavya play Basket Ball with his father (Kavya is Collage basket Ball Captain). Both mom goes to their kid and says a New Year party for kids at first floor and you has to go. Kavya’s Father says one more game please, parul says we are come here for enjoy vacation and its our last night, today is new year celebration. Kavya goes and get ready. Akshara take book from Shivi and says go now, Shivi says ok, but give me book please. Akshara gave her.

Where at the party for Kid , they play game of Matching number ( distribute everybody a chit written a number), on matching number they both sung a song. At the party, the two are called upon to sing a song together as display…
Both reach on stage and see each other as stranger, all other encourage them…
Shivi tries to out off stage , while Kavya staring a song as first line,

Kavya – Is dil ne kahi, jo bate nai, Mujhe lage vo anjani

Shivi stop herself and joined song

Shivi – Ye chahte jo is dil me h vo, Mujhe lage vo anjani

Both – kiska jor h is dil par jo tum mujhme raho,
Khil gaye h mere sab rang aaya hai h jab se tu ha tu hi tu
Khil gaye h mere sab rang hai mila h jab se tu ha tu hi tu,
Dil mera le lo, dil apna tum do, in chato ko chu lo….


Both enjoy the song and left from stage by hugging each other.

They went outside and see fire works on sky and their conversation—
Shivi – Are you singer?
Kavya – yah ! I am a Bathroom Singer.
Shivi – No, you really good.
Kavya – I thought you a singer, you sung very well.
Shivi – I am, but I afraid of people eyes.
Kavya – same thing…

People start counting 10 to 1 and loudly say “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

Both says to each other and kavya says I want to wish my parents, shivi says I too ..mean not your my mother…

They find that they have a connection and decide to exchange numbers before going their separate ways.
On the first day back at collage after break, Kavya in his class room telling about vacation (not about sing because he is a Basket Ball Captain) to Rishi (his Best Friend), they see a new girl come to room and sit at last bench. Before he see Shivi, Teacher come and announce rule.

After the period Kavya come out class first and take position on enter door of class, where he see Shivi and talk with her and walk in corridor…..

Kavya – mene to
Shivi – Socha bi nhi tha
Kavya – tum mujhe yha miloge
Shivi – My mom get transfer and I get this collage admission. I searching for you at party but
Kavya – yes I gone, speak slowly…
Shivi – why ?
Kavya – I tell my friends about my vacation like basket ball etc. but not about my song
Shivi – is they don’t know you sing ?
Kavya – yes, they saw me only as Captain…

Shivi sees Kavya Photo on Collage wall in Captain Dress with winning trophy.

They reach at notice Board…
Shivi see singing competition form and says to Kavya you should take part.

Kavya – Impossible

Mahi (singer queen of collage and crush on Kavya) here Kavya words and says Impossible aur tumhari dictionary me ?

Mahi sees both together and says to Kavya – oh! New student ko collage dikhaya jar ha hai ?

Kavya – None, and smile as cool

Mahi write her name on Competition form and says I win always

Shivi look at him like why he lie…

Kavya goes and Mahi say BYE…
Shivi also goes….

Shivi sit in collage bus while Kavya goes with her friend on bicycle. Shivi look Kvya..

Kavya and their friend reach Petrol pump and see Akshara out her car.

Kavya friend say is she might 30.. rishi says might 25..

Kavya say you go and find out ..
They bet

Rishi goes to her and says have you change of 100/-.

Akshara say this is your way to talk with elders.

Rishi says no mam.. I mean my friends say..

Akshara say what is your collage name.

Rishi say no mam… sorry
Akshara give him change and goes.

Rishi come back to his friend and they other sung… hum honge kamyab ek din……and laugh

Hope you like… if you want to continue please be comment and any change need please be write……

Thanks you !

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  1. Fenil

    Wow nice start.
    Hahaha Rishi flirting with Akshara hahahah still not recovered from this.
    Nice conversation between Kavya and Shivi.

    1. Laveena

      TY…. DEAR

  2. nice story

  3. Aku

    Nice keep up the good work ?

  4. Nice…. The second half seems to be copied from mera pehla pehla pyaar movie

  5. This is a bit similar to the movie High School Musical ….. But nyc way to write…

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