Epi – 4

In Next days …..

Shivi noted that Kavya is not talking to her even ignoring.
(shivi is look like heart broken because of kavya )

Next day of collage

Kavya play Basket ball with team, shivi with her friend walk outside the area. …

Shivi see him and smile, kavya also see but his friends call him for passing ball, he distract and play game.

After game kavya in washroom (thinking)

I should control my feeling for Shivi, he thought what my friends will see and I could not want to create any seen before knowing what on Shivi’s heart..

Kavya kya hua (he see himself in mirror and says) why I am blushing ?

Next Day…

Students are going for exhibition trip (about plantation)

At bus stop (in collage)

Rishi ask to shivi is she come with him for collage trip in next week.

Shivi’s eyes is searching for Kavya..

and finally she see Kavya at Bus Gate..

Rishi again asking – to kya socha ?

Shivi kis bare me ? (she not listen any word she continue watching Kavya)

Rishi – are Collage trip ?

Shivi – oh, nhi me nhi aaungi

Rishi – but why

Shivi – me us weekend out of station hu !

Rishi – you should ask Mahi.. May be she come..

Rishi turn back and see Mahi with Kavya at bus Gate.

Rishi – oh ok !

At Plant Exhibition …..

Teacher talking about plant benefits and emerging technologies..

Kavya get chance ( by cheating ) and

walk after shivi.(talk the walk)

Kavya to Shivi – tum khi jar hi ho ?

Shivi – ( in rood mood )

Me Tumhare kisi question Ka answer Kyu du ?

Tum to mujhe Hi bhi nhi kehte …

Kavya – Hi !

Shivi smile…

Pehle yeh batao tum itne dino tak mujhse bat kyu nhi kr rhe the ?

Kavya our final match date is come closure, and I need to concentrate…

Shivi – okay..

Kavya – ab tum batao

Shivi – me khi ja nhi rhu hu,

Vo to me rishi se bachne ke lie…

(she said in cool way… and her foot get turn and she is getting down while Kavya hold her.)

Kavya – are you ok ?

Shivi – hmm..

Teacher announce for going…

Shivi going towards Bus…

Kavya stands before bus 1

Mahi come and ask tum hamre sath is bus me chal rhi ho ?

Kavya interrupt and said iske lie bus me jagah nhi hai.

Shivi not understand what is going on Kavya’s mind …

Teacher come and said kuchh log is bus me beth jao kucch 2nd bus me..

We are getting late.

They go.

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