Episode 2

Akshara go to other city for office work..

Next day of collage….

Shivi come to class give a slip to teacher…. As she is new one .and sit on last bench but kavya not see her and call her..

While Teacher announce about class rules and suddenly a mobile bell rang

All gate disturbed and every body check out their phone

Teacher noted that phone of shivi rang becauseof kavya call her.

Teacher get phone of two and and gave them punishment by decorating drama house for 30 minutes.

Rishi says – no. miss please don’t do.. we have to go for our basket ball practice and kavya…

Teacher (to Rishi ) – To, 15 minutes ke lie aap bhi ayenge ….

Mahi ( to others on pointing rishi) – Rishi to gaya, use to counting aati hi nhi hai !

And laugh teacher noted and said to mahi

Aap bhi aayengi punishment ke lie for 15 minutes.

Teacher to every one aur kisi ko punishment chahiye ?

Hope you like ….

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