FF: Intertwined Destiny (Intro)

‘They were born rivals but they were also destined to be together’

What happens when your life messes up big time and in order to mend it you have to become stone-hearted and enter a truce with those you despise the most?

What happens when you are shoved by your fate to marry the person you hate the most?

How’ll their lives and those of their near and dear ones change by their single decision?

Will they ever learn to love each other unconditionally or separate …separate in such a manner so as to never meet each other again?

As the pieces of puzzle fit in and the mystery unravels, they have to accept their “INTERTWINED DESTINY”…




Janki Roy: A single mother who has raised her two lovely daughters in the best way possible. In addition to that she is also the MD of Roy Group of Industries which she had set up with much efforts. Strict but caring at the same time. Widow of Shekhar Roy.

Ragini Roy: Elder daughter of Janki. Beautiful, Intelligent and cunning in the business world. A fierce feminist and a total workaholic. Her world revolves around Swara and Janki. A knight-in-shining-armour or a saviour of her dear little sister when she ends up in some sort of trouble. Follows the rule book to the T and is the dedicated CEO of the Roy Group of Industries.

Swara Roy: Younger daughter of Janki. Sweet, pretty, cute and bubbly. Indulges in mischievous pranks but is always saved by Ragini in all situations. She refers her as “Mother India” or “MI” in short. And has only given her the right to call her ‘Shona’. Pursues her passion in the field of Architechture and is least interested in entering her family business of Jewellery designing. Lives life to the fullest, care-free and always optimistic. She doesn’t worry much about how her life is gonna take a turn in the near future.


Durgaprasad Maheswari: Patriarch of Maheswari clan. Strict and disciplined head of the Maheswari Group of Industries which also deals in the business of Jewellery designing. Loves his family a lot and acts a little bit grumpy with them sometimes to keep them in right track.

Annapurna Maheswari: Wife of Durgaprasad. A lovely and benevolent lady. A sweet homemaker who loves her children unconditionally. Sanskar is the apple of her eyes as he had given her the feeling of being a mother for the first time. She is a little bit overprotective about Laksh as his birth had severe complications and it was even anticipated that he might die in her womb. Uttara is her darling daughter and she loves to pamper her a lot.

Sanskar Maheswari: Eldest son and MD of Maheswari Group of Industries. Ruthless and heartless in the business world born with the ultimate motto of defeating his rivals and literally make them beg for his mercy. Dashing, handsome and grave with an aura of mystery around him. Has a tough exterior and harbours feelings for his family only. His life seems incomplete and can only be fulfilled by HER…

Laksh Maheswari: Younger son and second-in-command a.k.a CEO of Maheswari Group of Industries. A chilled out and carefree guy with an impeccable sense of humour who loves to make people smile. Loves his mother a lot and a bit scared of his serious father as he is always at the receiving end of his father’s scoldings. In an on and off relationship with Kavya Sen. Although he loves her wholeheartedly (or so he assumes which is definitely gonna change when he encounters HER) yet Kavya has a hidden agenda of her own.

Uttara Maheswari: Youngest one of the family. Loved the most. A fun-loving and happy-go-lucky girl who pursues her interest in the field of arts.

The Roy’s and Maheswari’s have always hated each other because of a past altercation. Both Janki and Durgaprasad have fed the poison of half-truth to the younger generation as they both are also unaware of the whole situation because of someone’s crafty skills. Now they only have malice and hatred for each other. But then their destiny decides to intervene and tosses them in such a web that’ll disrupt their children’s lives in the most harsh possible way…


Hiiii!!! I’m Indira/ Indu and new here. This story has been knocking on the walls of my head for some days now and hence I decided to pen it down. I haven’t decided on the pairs as I love all the 4 pairs of the show but will decide on them during the flow of the story as there are a lot of other stuff to deal with before the ultimate pair-factor emerges…

So should I continue or not? It all depends on your comments dearies so don’t forget to jot down your views…

P.S. Thank you to all those who commented on the previous intro but now I have added some changes…Hope you like it:)

Credit to: Indira


  1. ria

    And please make it swasan there is no mystery FF on swasan here. please I hope pair will be swasan.

    • Indira


      |Registered Member

      I’m can’t promise anything because I haven’t decided about the pairs. Hope u understand my dilemma…

    • Indira


      |Registered Member

      Thank u and about pairs I’m not sure as I have decided to focus on building the individuality of the characters first…

  2. PinkChocolate


    |Registered Member

    Hey Indira? I totally love the plot? So I seriously don’t Mind the pairs? It is the story that makes you fall for it? So please go ahead?

    • Indira


      |Registered Member

      Thank u so much dear for understanding my situation…even l too have the belief like u and thank u once again for supporting my decision:)

    • Indira


      |Registered Member

      Thanks and l definitely don’t have the intention of disappointing u dear as l haven’t decided on pairs but if u like the story then do read it

  3. Sonya


    |Registered Member

    hey dear
    sorry seems interesting
    would love to read more about it
    superb intro n character sketch too
    did kavya’s father played some part in making swaragini n sanlak family enemy
    about pairs plz choose on ur own not on based on the votes , thats my opinion
    its ur story and u have the full right to choose, cant wait to read the next chapter

    • Indira

      Thanks for commenting and even if they are non-existing pairs, l love them in the same way l love the existing pairs because of the amazing stories written by them:)

  4. Nistha

    It was Awesome. And coming to pairs u can make it raglak or Ragsan both will work coz I love both the pairs

  5. Sitaram


    |Registered Member

    what you like as pairs choose them its an authors right and when you choose from heart the story becomes more beautiful love it nice

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.