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“Where are Ragini and Swara, Raghu Kaka?” Janki asked as she made her way towards the dining table.

“They are…they are” Raghu kaka stuttered, unwilling to reveal about the two sisters.

“What is it? Did Swara do something again?” Janki asked, angry a bit at her younger daughter, as she was well aware of her pranks.

Before Raghu kaka could say something, there came a voice, “Ma, don’t blame my Shona”.

Craning her eyes in that direction, Janki saw Ragini, dressed up in a Navy blue sleeveless long kurti and black leggings with a black scarf adorning her neck and hair tied up in a messy bun, coming out of her room. She sighed as she knew Ragini will cook up some new story to save Swara. She always felt that Ragini was the mother of Swara and not her…It was the most logical thing also as when she was working day and night in their company in order to ensure that Shekhar’s dreams don’t shatter, the huge responsibility of managing the household fell on the fragile shoulders of Ragini and she efficiently handled them as well. She took care of 8 year old Swara and herself when she was 12 years old only. Janki loved both of her daughters but just got worried for Swara because of her activities.

Breaking her chain of thoughts, Ragini said “Shona has gone to her Sheena’s place for sleepover Ma. I had dropped her there myself. I have also sent a car with Suresh kaka to pick her up now as it’s time for her college. She’ll reach here soon” She said softly placing her hand on Janki’s shoulder reassuring her but deep down she knows why Janki always gets worked up about Swara every time.

It all started after the deadly attack on Swara when she was just 15 and was returning from school. That horrific incident had made Janki and herself very scared and over protective about Swara and treating her as a princess, which she sometimes uses to blackmail them for agreeing to her demands. Nevertheless she was the apple of their eyes.

“MI and Mom, look your Drama queen is back!” An enthusiastic and chirpy voice rang through their ears bringing them back to the present.

“Swara, just see the time. It’s okay you had gone to your friend’s house but at least you could have returned earlier dear.” Janki said.

“Chillax babe! My classes starts today at 11 and it’s only 9. I know, I know MI and you are getting late for office. Don’t worry, you go to your battlefield while I’ll reach mine with my glorious Chetak a.k.a my scooty” Swara said winking at her mother while reaching out for the apple in the bruit basket kept at the dining table.

Ragini hit her hand playfully and uttered “Not so soon, dear. Look at yourself. Go freshen up first and then come”

Rubbing her hand, Swara pouted and looked at her childish Yellow SpongeBob Square pants T-shirt and Knee length white track pants. She looked too cute in them. But Ragini didn’t like Sponge Bob which was her favourite, she preferred Doraemon which led to epic battles during their childhood. Pondering over these kiddish thoughts she went to her room.


“Ma, you go with Suresh kaka. I have to look into something important before heading for the Rathore’s meeting” Ragini said as she made her way towards her room.

Janki nodded and went out. As soon as she had gone out of sight, Ragini barged into Swara’s room who had just come out of the bathroom wrapping her bath robe.

“MI!!! What the HELL!!! It’s bad manners to enter someone’s room. Didn’t your Mommy teach you any manners?” Swara yelled clutching her robe tighter.

Ragini chuckled and plopped on her bed and replied nonchalantly “NOPE! Because my Mommy was busy tightening the bathrobe around herself. By the way, you are looking too hot babe. If l were a guy, I would have taken you right here right now.” she said in a husky voice.

Swara’s mouth was now touching the ground listening to her sister’s shameless rants. This side of Ragini was only reserved for Swara while the world only witnessed the stone-hearted Ragini.

“Close your mouth or you’ll be having a mosquito or fly for your breakfast. And now tell me about the party” Ragini said laughing at Swara’s condition again.

“How Mean!” Swara said raising her hands in the air in a dramatic manner “Whatever! Thanks to you I got to visit the pub and enjoy the most hip and happening night of my life. It was awesome MI. My whole gang partied so hard and you know what I even met a guy there.” Swara told all this as her eyes shown with excitement.

Ragini’s eyes widened in amusement as if ready to fall out of their sockets anytime. “A Guy!? Tell me about it”

Swara looked at the wall dreamily as she continued blabbering about her adventurous night “Well! I had completely lost my senses after gulping down six pegs when out of the blue this dashing guy approaches me. He was looking like a rockstar. He looked into my eyes deeply and indulged with me in a harmless flirt. He made me laugh and I pecked his cheeks. He told me to wait a bit as he went towards the washroom. At this moment my mischievous streak got alerted and I followed him and as soon as he went inside, I locked him in there and ran away with my friends and reached Sheena’s house. As I was too tired, I didn’t bother anymore and fell asleep right away.” Swara finished.

Ragini who had been listening to all these with utmost interest asked “So attraction at first sight! Happen to catch his name so that we can trace him and make your BF?” and winked at her.

Swara hit her arm playfully “MI !!!! I told na, I wasn’t in my senses. He told his name but I don’t remember it. I also have only a blurry image of his in my head…He was tall, handsome and mysterious” She said dreamily again.

“Earth to Swara!” Ragini retorted “Get ready fast and ask Sheena about your Mysterious Guy. She might be able to recollect something about him. I have to go now”.

“Why are going ballistic over my guy? He is just a random one maybe. Don’t get so excited my CBI Officer. And I think I too have to don my cap of finding u a good guy now!” Swara taunted.

Ragini looked back and gave a warm smile to her KIDDO and went out. As she was seated inside her car, she called someone “Stay vigilant. She’ll be reaching the spot soon. Keep your eyes and ears open. Remember no mistake. And get information about the guy in the pub asap.” She ordered in a hoarse and menacing voice as she drove away.

PRECAP: The Maheshwaris…



MI- Mother India. Swara’s shortcut of calling Ragini. Given in the intro. Please check it.

Now before you all pounce on me thinking that Ragini is negative, let me clarify RAGINI IS NOT NEGATIVE!!! There are already many in my story, so Ragini is not included.
I have worked on a different shade of Ragini to show you which’ll be revealed in the 3rd chapter. Till then enjoy…

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Credit to: Indira

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