FF half spoiler 1


mihika is at home alone as everyone is at mani’s house for pihu….
romi is at a hotel with the girl…. romi gets a message and says i have to go
mihika sees a shadow and gets scared and says to herself…. don’t worry mihika it’s nothing…. im just imagining…. she texts romi and says when r u coming home?….
r: im coming anyways i have to pick up the others… and stop texting me!
mihika sees the same shadow again and says whose there?
in mani’s house
shagun says im sorry! i confess i did ishita’s kidnapping because i dont want pihu to get attached to ishita……
raman: what? she is our daughter not ur’s
shagun: im sorry!! i will explain pihu in front of u guys
pihu comes there and says mommy
s: baby…. i need to tell u something
shagun tells everything and pihu hugs ishita
in the bhalla house….

someone grabs mihika from the back and says don’t move
it’s no other than ashok
mihika says leave me…. or i will call romi!!
a: romi? hahaha… he is busy with a other girl…. come with me…. divorce romi…
ashok is about to kiss mihika
mihika steps on his foot and runs from
in mani’s house
romi comes there and says everything okay? we have to go
aliya hugs shagun and says welcome to the family…. shagun cries and says u still wanna accept me? and kisses aliya on her forehead…
they all go….
on the other hand
ashok gets mihika nd throws her on the bed…. mihika gets hurt on her head and starts seeing blurry and ashok leans to kiss mihika mihika pushes ashok and runs to the main door and opens the door and hold her head….
romi and everyone is outside and sees mihika’s shirt sleeve ripped and a bruise on her head and romi is shocked and says who did this?
ashok comes there to get mihika and see them
raman and adi,romi beats ashok….

precap: romi and mihka gets together no more problems…. but everyone is togeather but pihu is so attached to shagun she starts drama…

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