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In the class room.
Laksh : hello miss behenji. How are you?
Ragini : can’t you see Mr. Lame I’m good.
Laksh : arrggh ragini.
Kavitha : baby cool down. Hey ragini did you made fun of our shona yesterday?
Ragini : no I didn’t.
Laksh : then why is she looking worried?
Saying this he comes near ragini and she is moving back.
Ragini : i said her nothing. Shivanya and swara were talking. I was doing my work Laksh ( she stammers)
Laksh : don’t you know to give respect to your senior. Now speak to me with respect.
Ragini : sorry laksh. Oops sorry bhai. Is this enough or I should call you as bhaijaan?
Laksh dropped is jaw down.
Rithik giggles.
Laksh : shut up . Do I look like old man? No need of calling me like that.
Swara : lucky. Shouts and signs him to come near her.
Laksh : what happened?
Swara : idiot. Did we made her to come for argument? Start the plan goose.
Laksh stares at her and signed Rithik.
Rithik : why did you came here ragini?
Ragini : i came here for your biochemistry notes and dayal sir suggested you as you are good at this.
Rithik looking at shivanya and says so you didn’t come for me.
Shivanya looks at him.
Laksh : so you need that notes. He picks up the notes and was about to give her.

Ok let’s play a game guys. You know ragshiv this college asked us to stop ragging at least for the girls. But I miss the fun. So ragging a girl that to rare is not punishable.
Ragini : oh yes yes you can do ragging or bullying swara we won’t interfere you. Saying this she snatched the notes from laksh . Swara signs him to snatch . Laksh went near ragini who was about to leave the class. He picked her up twirl her and landed her down inside the class room again. He tried to snatch the notes from behind . He placed his chin on her neck , he moved his chin on her neck. He could feel her softness. He smelled her .Her perfume triggers him to hug her still more. Swara shouts come on lucky . He succeeded in snatching and threw it to Kavitha. He was so strong to stop him from snatching the notes. For the first time she could feel how weak was her. He still didn’t leave her. She struggled hard to lose from his grip but failed. He loved her struggle.
Shivanya: give the notes Kavitha.
Kavitha threw it to kavya when shivanya came near her . Kavya threw it to Swara and swara to Rithik. Shivanya came to him and gave a bear hug. Rithik and kavswakavi shocked . He dropped the notes and responded to the hug. Laksh was looking at ragini lovingly and never losed his grip. Ragini is furious now and she gave him a ……………

ANY GUESS GUYS. I KNOW I BORED YOU A LOT. If you guys have time, you can read this idiot’s another FF , “We are worthless”.
Rotten eggs , tomatoes and slippers are accepted.
Keep smiling. Love you buddies.

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