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In hostel room:
Shivanya: so what is your name miss nonsense?
Swara: so you guys don’t know my name. it necessary for the bashers to know the guy’s name who is getting bashing.
Shivanya: don’t beat around bush? Tell your name.
Ragini was listening their conversation partially as she was hearing music with the walkman.
Swara: okay my name is Swara Gadodia .
Ragini: what swara goat yeah?
Swara: okay it’s not working. you can call me shona.
Ragini: what ? what did I shown you?
Swara: enough is enough.
Ragini: I didn’t give anything to you . then why are you???????????????
Swara: shut up your bakwaas ragini.
Saying this she went out.
She called laksh. Laksh was spending his time with kavitha who is in dress shop. He was not interested to be with her. Kavitha was selecting her dress for lucky’s birth day.

Lucky’s p.o.v:
she is gonna buy dress for her that to for my b’day . what the hell? She didn’t bother about me. Haa why should she bother? Haa anyways my wallet is going to be emptied today. now I am getting sleep. My sleep was disturbed by shona’s call.
Laksh lifted her call .
Laksh (while yawning) : hello miss swara goatyeah.
Swara: you too laksh . you too joined ragini.
Laksh: what you know the fresher? She is looking good but behenji type.
Kavitha finishes shopping. He puts the call in speaker and both heard her.
Swara: stop it idiot. My foot . she tells everything from their meeting to bashing.
Laksh : ok we will handle her.
_______________________________________Next day , ragshiv was getting ready and they saw shona was not in the room. They went canteen for breakfast. There also they didn’t find her . they finished it and went to class. In the class , these two were studious. Ragini didn’t understand particular concept . so she went to her prof. Dayal. He suggested her senior for notes for clarification.
Ragshiv went to 3rd year class after their class . to their shock the person was none other than rithik khanna. Lucky , swara and their gang were with them.
Laksh: let’s begin the entertainment guys.


Hope you liked it dear friends . please and please do comment guys not only for me but for also the ff writers. Your comments can encourage all. Both positive and negative comments are welcomed but it should disappoint the other fans . fans of swasan against raglak and vice versa . guys stop that for the common fans sake( both swasan and raglak fans like us I hope) both swaragini and sanlak are only fictional characters and helly , tejaswi, varun and namish are just giving lives to the characters. SO GUYS THINK ABOUT IT AND PLZ PLZ DO COMMENT.

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