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Before 10 years…
Ragini p.o.v.
Who is she ? why is she dragging me to the ragging gang? Is she want to be a friend of mine ? or is she dragging me to defend her from the gang? Look lado she is looking innocent. You need to help her.
Swara: hey guys (shouted to the gang)
Ragini to herself: yes lado she need a defense.
Swara to gang : now I brought a behenji type girl for our entertainment. So its time for …
Gang in chorus : ragging.
Ragini felt that she is getting slippers shower for thinking swara as innocent girl.
Kavya: behanji now tell us what is your talent?
Ragini stood numb.

Rithik: I think she must be deaf and dumb.( he started pulling her ears and plait ).
Swara: I think she get scared.
Ragini to herself : stupid guys come to Chennai I will show my identity.
Swara: hello behanji are you in this world? What is your name?
Kavya: where did you finished your schooling?
Ragini: I am ragini.. from Chennai.
Rithik: so tamil babe.
Swara: ok non north Indian your task is simple. now fix the bulb and make it glow.
Ragini: ok where is the bulb?
Swara: its imaginary bulb buddhu..
The gang laughs at her.

Ragini went near swara and shook swara’s head like screwing.
Ragini: I fixed the bulb miss attitude.
Shivanya (ragu’s friend): It’s not glowing ragu.
Ragini: oh no shiv why can’t you see its glowing in embarrassment.
All juniors began to laugh and ragshiv moved from there.
On the way,
Ragini saw a bird’s nest was about to fall. she went in right time and caught the nest. Now she was about to fall. At that time , laksh holded her from back .
Laksh: baby I got you.
Ragini was shocked hearing the word baby. Laksh turned her to hug her. But to his shock , she is not his kavitha. He pushed her down.
Laksh: how dare you? You cheap girl.
Ragini bursted out: hey you . mind your tongue you scoundrel . I didn’t asked you to hold me .
Laksh: hey miss behanji . can’t you see we are taking videos and photo shoot ? for me and my contract lover kavitha.
Ragini: contract lover???

Kavitha: hey miss behenji! If I got someone better than laksh , I will lead my time with the new. And vice versa. You know love is just time pass kiddo.
Laksh: by the way miss behanji and her friend if you guys want anyone as contract lover, I would prefer my bro randhir. Randhir forwards his hand to ragshiv
Ragshiv: disgusting idiots.
In the evening in hostel of xxx college,
Ragshiv in same room and waiting for their another roommate. That particular hostel block was meant for 1st year students.
They were shocked to know swara is their roommate. Now shivanya starts to bash swara for the things happened in the morning . swara who is in hell shock is worried that how she would spend rest of the years in the room?


Sorry guys if I bored. Tell me if I bored. I will try to make interesting . take care friends

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