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The gadodias , kapoors and maheshwaris were worried of Ragini.
Ragini woke up after 2 hours. After waking up, she saw Sahil, Adarsh ,Swara and Rivanya around her. She felt a sense of relief . But it didn’t last for long. Yeah our laksh entered the scene .
Laksh: are you ok baby?
Ragini was shocked. She thought it must be dream. but it’s true he is alive.
Ragini: I didn’t do that purposefully. The time you holded my hand I just want to free me from your grip . so I jerked my hand and you fell down.
Adarsh: can anyone say me what is going on here?
Laksh: actually jiju yesterday we had a small fight. As ragini said I holded her hand and pulled her closer and she jerked and I fell down blah blah…..
Rithik: and you are not hurt after falling from your balcony?
Laksh: woh .. actually I fell in the pool.
Flash back shown :
Yesterday night,
After raglak convo , laksh fell into the pool. At that time sanskar was planning to do something special to lighten swara’s mood after the trios meet. He made to float the floating moonlights in the pool and he came with swara closing her eyes from behind and made her to walk towards the pool. Sanky made shona to sit in the double lounger pool float in the pool and sat along with her.
Sanskar: sorry for scolding you shona . you know na she is my bestie .
Swara: its ok baby . she is like my sister type . I too love her and have equal rights like you.
Swasan: I love you dear.
Slowly their lounger float came to the centre of the pool. the two were about to sleep in each other’s embrace in the romantic scenario.
At that time lucky fell near the lounger.
Flash back ends …
Sahil: then what happened laksh?
Sanky entered the room
Sanskar: that monkey spoiled our romantic moments.
Flash back shown.
Lucky fell near lounger screamingly . the reactive/ repulsive force made swasan to fell in the water. Sanskar came up first (trios are still in water) . he searched for swara and picked her in arms . To his shock it was not swara but our laksh.
Sanskar: what is this lucky?
Laksh: thanks bhai your bestie pushed me from balcony.
Swara: what the hell? Sanskar.
Sanskar realized that laksh is in his arms.
He dropped lucky in water and dragged him after the effect alcohol is gone.
Flash back ends..
Laksh: I was saved by sankyman.
Swasan: and he spoiled our sleep.
All in the room were laughing.
Ragini was laughing whole heartedly.
Laksh and swasan felt happy seeing Ragini’s laughter.
In evening in the garden,
Laksh asked Sanskar how did he fallen for Swara Gadodia?
Sanskar: I started to fall for her innocent behavior from the first day of their meeting.
Flash back shown …
Ten years before :
Laksh threw a party for his friends as shona was going to join in the same college. Both besties were happy. At that time , sanky returned from US for some vacation. He came to the party to surprise laksh. He came know about shona . He saw her when she was in 5th grade in a party organized by gadodias. To his astonishment Swara was looking gorgeous . she used to look like fat chubby bubbly baby. Laksh introduced her to sanky . both shared an eyelock.
Swara to herself: stop the nonsense swara . he is your bestie’s bro.
Three months ago:
Swara saw sanky again in Ragini’s b’day party. She fumes for his closeness towards ragini. when the party got over . sanky was in parking lot . swara came there .
Sanskar: hi swara baby oops sorry . hi swara.
Swara: hmm hi baby (angry tone)
She was mad at him and started to beat him.
How many babies sanskar? You cheat . why are you playing with ragini’s emotions?
Sanskar: what are you saying? (painful tone)
Swara: first you was close to me and now lado. Why sanskar?
Sanskar: so what bothers you Miss gadodia.
Swara: cause I love you idiot (started crying). But you made my rago as my sautan.
Sanskar: finally you accepted it. Well it was the part of our plan.
Swara: so it was a part of your game. You wanted me to confess and you cheated me right?
Sanskar: arey baba you are wrong . I started to love you when we met before 10 years . rago gave me this idea and it worked with –ve effect. So do you think who kept gifts near you window of your bedroom on every 1st September of these ten years?
Swara: so it’s you.
Sanskar signed her to give tight hug him.
She came running and hugged him.
Sanskar: I love you honey.
He signed rago that he confessed. Rago was happy and prayed to make happiness forever for sanskar.
Flash back ends …
Laksh: ragini sautan???? (smiles)
Sanky: now your story.
Laksh:10 years before. She was new to our college.
Flash back starts….
Ragini, a bubbly chubby medium sized 17 year old girl. She entered in xxx college as IT student. She saw some guys ragging the new comers. Swara dragged ragini towards the gang.
To be continued…………
Sorry if I bored. Both positive and negative comments are welcomed . Please do comment. Take care friends;)

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