Hey guys its Akshaya again thanks to all who read my ff and your lovable comments.
Ragini was standing on the balcony. Just then Laksh returns to the room. He was stumbling and blabbering. He came near Ragini.
Laksh: hi rago whatcha doin?
Ragini: stop calling me like that.
Laksh: ok baba forget about the past. This past can be told as love history to our children.
Ragini: stop it idiot.

Laksh was continuously blabbering . he got on her nerves. She could’nt control her anger. While fighting without her knowledge , she pushed him down. But she was in hell shock. Seeing down , she could hear only his shouts but could see only the bushes. After 5 min , she could hear nothing. She said to herself that she killed laksh and made her life to feel more than hell. Saying she fainted . next day she heard a knock and woke up to see . it was the ladies of mm they asked her to get ready for the rasoi. They didn’t questioned about lucky. She wondered but she wanted to tell the truth . she rushed down outside below balcony there is no traces of blood and there were many bushes. Swara came and dragged her to the bathroom to get ready. Rag was totally confused . she came down for rasoi . she heard her phone ringing and went back to bring that. At that time she hear someone playing with the ball. She that was lucky. He did some moves with the ball. After seeing she fainted. Lucky was seeing her. He picked her and called everyone.
Suji: what happened lucky yesterday and now why she fainted.
Laksh: I just showed my talent chichi.
Pari& uttara: chi laksh.
Uttara: di anyone get pregnant one day.
Laksh: oye shut up chipkali.
Pari giggles.
Sanky calls doctor.
Dr: she is in stress she must take some rest.

Precap: laksh tells about their past to sanskar during a casual talk.

Sorry if I bored……………….take care friends.

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  1. Sindhura

    Nice but short one

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        I cant say i am writing and thinking
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  7. Thnk god laksh is fine.. Superb dr.. Haha ragini fainted that too two times

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    amazing update

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    He he ragini yaar but awesome update 🙂

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    Too…..Funny The last part was !!! I was continuously giggling after reading it !!

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  11. Nice….plz send link ur previous episode

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