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Ragini’s p.o.v:
Uttara and Parineeta bhabhi left me in Laksh’s room. I was tensed seeing him standing near the balcony . I prayed god to save me from the animal. I wished Sanskar , Sahil , Rithik or my dad to come here and save me. When I entered the room , I saw laksh talking to his friend over phone. After seeing me, he stopped his conversation. He came near me, my heart started to beat fast. He was about hug me I pushed him back. I said I want to change my dress. He showed me the bathroom . Then I picked my night dress to change. After changing , I came there . He was lighting the candles . He thought he can make the perfectly romantic.
Laksh: so Mrs. Ragini laksh maheshwari why are you so silent .
Ragini : don’t act too smart lucky . Its none of your business to question me.
Laksh: don’t get angry on me anyways you look cute while your angry.
Ragini: don’t try to play your love games again. I married you , so that Sanskar will be saved.
Laksh: Sanskar bhai again . why should I kill sanky ? he is my brother and moreover he is my bestie swara’s husband.
Ragini: so you cheated me again.
Laksh: everything is fair in love and war…
Ragini: stop your nonsense laksh. You cheap characterless guy . I won’t forgive you . I feel ashamed to propose and marrying a guy like you.
Laksh : I’m changed a lot after 6 years because of you.
Saying this he went to drink in the guest room.
Ragini ran to swasan room. And said everything to swasan.
Sanky: lado I said you already na. he is cheating you again .
Swara: stop it sanky. Don’t get confused ragini . he loves you a lot. Don’t worry and stop sobbing .
Ragini: swara why can’t you see my pain?
Rithik , Shivanya , Swara and Sanskar tried to console her but all in vain.

In guest room ,
Laksh was drinking too much . His Scooby went near him .
Laksh: hey Scooby! All these girls are nothing but frustrated cats. They used to bark like dogs on their hubbies . now I’m in love with ragini.
(dog)Scooby: bow bow…………ooooo
Laksh: its love not bow. Understood! Oh my god I’m talking to a dog right now. Why my fate should be like this?
Saying this he started to walk to his room blabbering about ragini.
Ragini was heading to her room with teary eyes.

Precap: Ragini gets a chance to push laksh from balcony when he was fully drunk. What happened 6 years before?

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