FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 8) “The Party”

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Chapter 8

“Hey Sanskar! Dude, u engaged and didn’t have the cutesy, to even inform me” My friend Rohan patted my shoulder. He looked angry, but I know he is faking; after all we are childhood buddies.

“Sorry dude I don’t wanted to ruin your honeymoon that’s why” I said with smirk

“Please don’t name it honeymoon Sanskar, it was mere business deal. That’s it” Ria said behind with irritation. I chuckled while Rohan was giving me angry looks

“U heat up wrong topic my friend, I will have to listen her sarcastic taunts now. U dint do this good with me” He said with irritation

Awww husband wife fight….
I was watching their cute fight and smiling internally, party was started. Almost everyone arrived but I was waiting for her, I checked the time it was more then 7

“Is she coming or not” I thought

“Seems like someone is desperate for someone arrival” Rohan teased me

But he was right it wasn’t wrong to I was waiting for her. It was not I wanted to see her but for some reason if she didn’t came. Probably I have to answer everyone here, for which I m not prepared. Moreover is she safe or not. There are many news regarding girls and now I am getting worried

As I was about to call her home, I saw her on the entrance with her sister

My God! she was wearing off white sleeveless gown and the pattern drawn on her gown with black was enhancing her beauty. I must say she was looking beautiful in this attire

The whole crowd was looking at her now and laksh announced her as my fiancé. The whole crowd cheered for us and I saw some tension on her face. I headed towards her

It’s almost seven now but I m stuck in this stupid traffic

People tag me late, it’s not true at all. I hurry up but every time I get late for few stupid reasons which are not my fault.

All I m doing is watching a quarrel between two people who fighting for unnecessarily, blocking other way

“What the f**k, God can’t they have quarrel in private” I frustrated, banging my hand on steering

“Chill sis, we will get out from this I m sure, have patience” my sister tried to calm me

“Patience!! blo*dy hell” I snapped

“I guess u r desperate to meet jiju right that’s why u r getting angry” She teased me

She chuckled and I was passing death glares to her

God in this whole week she has teased me a lot. What if she say something infront of him, I could afford another embarrassment. If mom wouldn’t pressurize me to take her I wont let her come. But now I can’t do anything

Somehow we reached the given address as I enterd all the eyes shifted towards me as if I was any celebrity

From nowhere his brother Laksh appeared and announced me as his bhabhi and fiancé of his brother
I was feeling weird they were constantly staring me as if I m an alien and then I spotted him coming towards

He greeted Ragini and slid his arm around my waist pulling me close to him

“Don’t I m here” He whispered

For some reason I was feeling relaxed and every gaze which was on me was now turned to admire us. He introduced me to his childhood friend Roahn and his wife Ria. They were so cute, I could sense cold behavior between both. I guessed they had a fight

“Any fight” I heaitanly asked Roahn standing beside us while Ria was chating with Ragini
“No the fight was off, your fiancé made it on” He said while he was giving look like what I did

The party was loud and noisy. I m a party lover but noise loud music is something I don’t like. We had met everyone and now standing at corner. Now this loud music is making me annoyed first the traffic now this

“I guess u don’t like the party” I heard him

“Nah! Its not like that, its just I don’t like loud music so much. That’s why”

“Wow! Till now I was feeling that but I guess we have mutual feeling so come lets go out in garden” He suggested, while I nodded


I am not party lover even when Kavita was alive I used to avoid these type of party in which loud music was played. She always had a complain that I don’t company her

I had to attend this because Laksh was arranging it from a week and I cant say no to my family

While coming back to current situation, we were standing at corner observing the people but I felt change in her facial expression. When I asked her she told me loud music is annoying her, I was glad that someone is there who also don’t like this loud noisy music because the people around me are loud music lover especially Laksh

We were moving towards garden where cold breezes were singing soft music in background giving us relief. She was now smiling

“I must say u r looking beautiful today” I started conversation by complementing

“Thank you Mr. Maheshwri”

“So hows your life now”

“It’s amazing, u know what I got the job of my choice and it’s so great experienced to work people there are so cooperating…” She was kept on telling me about her work, job, everything; so excitedly just like as a kid coming from first day of school and tells everything to his mother. I was smiling, listening her
“I couldn’t tell u about my job because I hadn’t your” she said

With that we exchanged number


For the first time, I was talking freely without any awkwardness or feeling embarrass, we exchanged number

I saw time and thought to leave

“Ummm! Mr. Maheshwri I think I should leave now, its getting late” I said

“Wait I want to say something to u actually I wanted to tell you this on the day of marriage” He said looking here and there

“Yes I m all ears” I replied

“Swara! I don’t know how will u react but I believe in honesty. So I have to clear something, I can never be able to give u the place of Kavitha in my life. I know every girl has a dream that her husband love her. The concept of love have everytime confused me but the place of Kavitha cant be replaced by you. I think u got me what I m trying to say” He said looking in to my eyes

For a second it hurt to know, that u won’t be loved by ur would be partner. It was true I am ambitious and love my aims but at the same time I am a girl and have simple dreams of marriage too
But I can understand his position too. After all he has lost his wife. He was looking me to answer, I smiled

“I don’t like to snatch anyone place. Don’t worry u don’t need to allot me someone’s place in your life. I like to make my own place. Ur wife must be very lucky to have u” I replied and I sighed his relief

“No I have lucky but u see we people realize the importance of the thing when it is gone” He said disappointedly

I don’t know but I had urge to hug him tightly and assure that everything will fall on its right place just don’t worry

“Wherever she will be, not happy to see u sad, well u look more handsome when u smile” I tried to lighten his mood

He smiled

“R u flirting with me” I was taken aback but then realized he was teasing me

“What if I m really doing” I also said with smirk

With that we laughed again


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