FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 7) “The Invitation”

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Episode 6

Chapter 7

Life is great when it is going according your wish. We face hurdles in life but when everything gets sorted, it give immense pleasure

One week passed after engagement. I got the job of my choice in journalism and everything was now settled but in this whole week neither me nor my fiancé, contacted. How can we didn’t had each other number

“So how was your day” my mom asked me coming in my room

She sat on bed and I lied on her lap, she placed his hand on my forehead. It was very relaxing when you just lie down on your mother lap and forget your stress of the day

“You look tired shona” My mom said

Ah mom now can detect their children

“Nothing mom, just had a hectic day” I replied with smile

“You are happy na?” My mom asked

“Yes mom I m happy in my job”

“Swara! I m not asking about job. I m asking about your alliance we fixed, are u happy with him. How is he with u”

My expression changed, she was asking me about him whom I just met that day only

“Yes mom he is such a nice person, honest, loyal and very sweet” I said with genuine smile because he was nice person, not because he helped me but he understood me when my family didn’t

“Really! thank god, I was worried that he is widower so how would be your reaction. You don’t feel that we r doing wrong with u as we chose someone who had married but his wife died??” My mom asked. I got up from her lap

“Mom relax he is such a nice person, and u only told me that life partner is someone whom u can share your heart and he understand you better than anyone. He do understand me better than my own family” I replied with slightly annoyed

She hugged me tightly

“I know we stopped you but u know your dad is not conservative but your dadi is. We were helpless that time. I m sorry” She sobbed on my shoulder

I cursed myself for making my mom cry

“Mom hold on I didn’t mean to say in that manner, I m sorry. You guyz have the right to decide for me because u r my parent. I have no complain regarding anything”

I assured her and she smiled


I was working on my laptop when Laksh entered in my room like a storm

“What happened u look tired” I aksed

“Busy in arranging party” He replied sitting on couch with his hand on his forehead

“Invite bhabhi for tonight party” He further said

I looked upto him with confusion and he was staring me like what

“I can’t because I don’t have her number” He replied me

“As I have” I said in low tone sarcastically

I heard a yell on me, I closed my eyes as I knew this was coming

“What do u mean??” He yelled at me

“I said I don’t have” I honestly answered

“Wow bhai u don’t have your fiancé number” He asked me

“Neither she asked nor I gave” I answered him back

“You always confuse me with your doing and saying, can’t u be normal anytime” He sanpped me

“Lucky!! If u r expecting me to be a teenager who is excited for his marriage then I m sorry I can’t, not even pretend why can’t just u guys leave me on my own. Swara is far better than u people at least she haven’t disturbed me in this whole week but u guys did” I don’t know why I lose my control and let my anger out in one go

“I m sorry I was just trying to make u all normal bhai. The party is for u and bhabhi. Leave it if u r not interested” He said disappointedly, bowing his head down

What did I do he was just doing something for me. I was already frustrated with my ongoing meeting and I let my anger on him.

“Look what u did Sansakr” My mind snapped me

“Wait..” I said in my same tone

I showed him two suit one white shirt and blue blazer with black denim and second black formal suit. As I was showing him, he was looking me all confused

“What! Suggest me what should I wear for the party” I asked smiling

He smiled and chose white with blue blazer

“How will we invite bhabhi” He asked hesitantly
“Don’t worry, I guess mom has their landline number” As I utter laskh persuaded me to invite Swara for the party

I took her number from mom and she was surprised

“You are not 19s hero to talk to ur heroin on landline go get her mobile no son” She teased me giving her number. I rolled my eyes

“Everyone in this house is after me” I thought

As I got number, I dialed her number. It was ringing

“Whoever is it, get one thing u destroyed my sleep. If you don’t have any important thing to say then I will kill u for sure” I heard a familiar

“Swara…” I chuckled hearing her

The phone started ringing and it was my dumb friend priya. Didn’t I tell when I m sleeping don’t disturb me and she was continuously cracking her jokes which was annoying me to hell

“Please let me” I wanted to scream

She was telling her story and I was leat interested because she was telling how naughty her kids are

It was nearly thirty minutes she was done and I sigh relieved. She disconnected her call and I went back to my sleep

After nearly twenty minutes again the landline of my room started ringing as there was no one in my house so I have to attend
“Whoever is it, get one thing u destroyed my sleep. If you don’t have any important thing to say then I will kill u for sure” I frustrated on the caller whoever he was

But to my shock what I heard next froze me.

“Swara…..” I heard his voice. I shiver ran through me

“Mmmm..Mr. Maheshwri” I choke my words

“Yes its me Sanskar” He chuckled

“I m sorry” I apologized for my insane behavior and not in a dream I thought he will ever call me. Though he was my fiancé but still

“No I m sorry, I guess I disturbed a sleeping beauty” He said
I could sense his expression of teasing me

“Ah! Its not u, My friend did this disaster before you so I was trying to get my sleep and I probably failed” I said

“So sad” He said

Ah!! I don’t know why I do these insane activities infront of him. He must be thinking that I am insane for sure

“Swara…u there” I heard him

“Umm..Yeah I m here, U tell” I answered him

“Swara r u free this evening?” He asked me

I was confused, Why is he asking this. I looked the time, it was 5

“Yeah I guess I m free”

“Good my brother thrown a party in evening will u join us? Actually it is for us”

“Umm yeah sure why not, tell me is there any theme”

“No not really”


“at 7”

“I’ll be there. Will meet u soon”

With that I disconnected call and headed towards my almirah. This is the worst thing to do

“God! What should I wear” I screamed


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