FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 6) “My stupidity”


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Ah now everything is settled. I can see her bright smile which was missing some hours ago. She was thanking me

“I hope u r not planning to escape” My mom said giving a fake smile to other coming to me at corner

“I wish I could but what to do, I m bound by my words” I sarcastically stated

“Good for you but I want to know the cause as why did u do this. I know u better Sanskar, just spit the reason” She asked me

Wow mother knows her children so much…

“Mom I need time to figure out my relation with Swara” I honestly stated

“Means if u didn’t find compatibility u will break the alliance” She asked me in a every horrified expression

“Chill mom!!! Relax I m not going against my words” I assured her


My in laws started to leave but before that they enforce me and him to talk in a private. Usually couples feel blessed if they get privacy but it was altered in our case. After what happened, it was hard to talk to him normally. I felt irritation when our parents force us, but to my surprise I saw irritation on his face

We headed in garden where cold breezes embrace us tightly. Silence prevailed in garden and only sound of blowing winds were heard

“Ummm…Thanx…San..Mr. Maheshwri” I broke the ice.

“U can call me Sanskar please formality” He replied with smile

“Yes….Ssss..Mr. Maheshwri” I bit my tongue and he chuckled

For the first time I could take someone’s name

“Common I m not that oldie please call me Sanskar” He demanded

“It will take time” I replied with a puppy face while he smiled at me

“Can I ask u something?” I asked

He nodded

“You really known me at railway station when u met” I hesitantly asked him

I really wanted answer of this one question because if he knew me then why didn’t he tell me


We were in garden and she was asking me that whether I knew her or not, I remained silent

“Mean you didn’t knew me, I was right” She asked me curiously

Well she was looking anxiously to me but now I thought something like mischievous. Why should I tell that I didn’t know her until she mentioned her name or that, that her assumptions were right

“I knew you” As I uttered those words she was shocked beyond my expectation. Her mouth was wide open and Eyes were like it will come out. I move towards close and shut her mouth with my palm

It was really hard to suppress my laughter as I don’t want to give her any idea that I was teasing her. She was keep staring me


From now on I won’t be predicting anything. It was so embarrassing; I spoke so much about him with so much determination.

“What!! Are u sad u lost the bet” I heard him
I looked him with confusion, like which bet

“What u forgot u said that u can bet that I haven’t seen your pic” He said giving me winning look

What Swara why can’t u just shut your. I promise God I wont predict anything please save me

“I m sorry, I just said what I observed that’s it. I was frustrated when u didn’t came to see me that if I am suitable to u or not” I honestly answered

“I thought u were nt interested in this marriage and u were waiting for me” I said with confusion

“Actually I planned something that u reject me and I free myself from this” I stated him
“Means u would have done something really annoying so that I angrily reject” He exclaimed sternly and almost shouted on me

I closed my eyes and what I heard just after few second He was laughing like mad

“Then thanx god I didn’t came….Thanks God u saved me” He said while laughing

I don’t know how much I cursed my stupidity but it made someone laugh and that was it for me. I too laugh with him, soon I smile and laughing like a mad on myself

Credit to: Sana

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