FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 5) “How to talk to him??”

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Chapter 5


“Yes” she said yes, I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad because I never thought she would say yes. Before I could question further, our parents came and started ring ceremony. I slided ring in her finger while she did the same and in a minute, we were engaged

We took blessing of our elder. I need to talk to her right now, as why did she do this. The girl who wasn’t ready to marry and ready to escape had now finally agreed

Has she drop her dreams plan

“Uncle can I talk to Swara, because we didn’t have any interaction so can we if u permit us” I asked to Swara’s dad. He smiled and nodded

“Swara go, show him ur room” He asked Swara

Swara nodded and we left

“Wow Swara congratulation u r engaged u drop ur dream well done” my conscience cursed me.

Life could such a turn, I never expected. I m engaged to a person I met as stranger and said what I actually think about him. He know everything will he now listen to me once

I was thinking and we were heading towards my room silently. Neither he nor I utter a single word. We entered in my room.

It is commonly observed that we hesitate to talk to stranger but look at me I m such an idiot who talk to him so freely when I didn’t knew him. To be honest it was easy to talk to him as a stranger but now when he is my fiancé, I am not able to speak. What he might be thinking about me that I talk to stranger so easily but that’s not truth at that time I needed to talk someone who calmly listen me. That he was the person who actually listened me.

“Beauitful” I heard him


“ur room” He smiled

“U know everything by now about me, is there any need to repeat” I finally asked him, gathering all m courage.

“No but I want to know why did u said yes. I…I mean”

“It was for my family, honestly I m still the same you met at railway station, the one who wants to make her identity and make her parent proud” I cut him

He was looking at me confused

“What, u advised me to talk to ur fiancé, I am doing that now tell me, what have u think”

“Well I know what I need to do, come with me” He said and we came out

Our families were discussing marriage date but to my shock, my family wants me out of this house in next fifteen days, I mean they fixed my marriage after fifteen days.

“No this marriage cannot be done” I heard him. I glared him and saw pale faces of every one.

I was thinking now he will cancel this marriage and my parents will finding other matches for me what a great idea.

“God is he really helping me” I thought

“I mean not after fifteen day” I looked him with confusion

“Not after fifteen days, what do u mean will u say clearly son” His mom said

“Mom I promised u, that I ll marry and that’s what I m doing right. U know how much business work is there and in this marriage cant u see it will burdened me so can u please delay it more. I also want to enjoy my marriage.” He explained his mom. She was looking curiously to his son and then me.

“Fine how much time u want” My dad asked

“Uncle my conferences, meeting and business trip are all planned so can we marry next year please” I could see shock face of everyone, a minute before they were planning for our marriage in a lavish style and now they are all disappointed

“But Sanskar…” His mom said but my dad said

“I can understand and its ok son, you gave us time to think different idea for ur marriage” My dad playfully said

Aww……..Isn’t dad cute. He looked towards me, at first I didn’t understand but then I got it he was giving me glares to say something

“Aunty…dad can I ask u something” I asked turning towards them

“Yes Swara what happen” my dad asked

“Dad now marriage is postponed to next year can u allow me to work, please my studies have been completed. Can I do the job of my choice please” I asked closing my eyes don’t want to see turning reaction of everyone.

“Swara…” my dad start to say something but his mom said

“Of course u can, am I right Shekhar ji” His mom said smiling

I looked up to dad to say yes and finally he nodded, I smiled.

“But jiji….! how can she work. She is going to be daughter in law of our house, what will society think” his chachi poke her nose

Didn’t I said I dot like her

“it okay sujata, she is still not the daughter in law of our house and we are not that type people who can’t support girls for working” She said patting my head, I took blessing and hugged her

“Thank u aunty” I said. She smiled

I looked towards him who was smiling and said thank you silently and he nodded


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