FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 4) “Is he really him??”


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Chapter 4


As I was setting my bangles mom and dadi entered in my room with happy faces. I could see the happiness in their faces and felt guilty as what I was going to do few hours back

“My daughter is looking soo beautiful, God save her from evil eyes” My mom complimented me I plastered a fake smile so that no one notice my tension

“Haven’t I decided write for my shona. She will be happy in that house for sure” Dadi came and blessed me

“And leave ur naughtiness and stubborn attitude here…my shona grew so fast, how time passes shomi” My dadi said in emotional tone

Wow the person who is ready to throw me out is getting emotional what an irony

“Dadi lets do one thing, u call off the engagement so that I could stay more with u what do u say” I asked while she stared me and hugged me tightly

“U can’t stop being naughty. Can’t u??? This is the ritual of the world that every girl has to leave her home settled with a man and his family” She explained hugging me tightly

Boring ritual no fun like leaving ur family all of a sudden for a man u barely know. This thing I could never understand

We heard some noise from outside all of a sudden they had a look on me. I was like staring them that what they are looking

“Maa they came we should rush downstair” My mom exclaimed and both their faces lit up

I guess my would be in laws arrived. I made a final look and tried to smile normally but it’s not happening. The envelope containing his pic was there on the table.

Should I see it

“Come on Swara u will be seeing him live downstairs” My mind reminded me but still I want to see, as I was about to see it my sister came to take me downstairs.

“Come Swara”

I simply nodded

As I descended the stairs. I saw my would be two mother in law, one was his mom and the other one his chachi.

I must say his mom was really sweet but I don’t like his chachi always taunting

“U are looking nice but the dress we chose was really beautiful. U should have wore it” She sarcastically said

“Why is she being sarcastic every time” I thought

“Wow jiju is handsome Swara” Ragini whispered and I glared her who was smiling.

We moved further and what my attention caught I was froze at the moment is he really him. A shiver ran through me.

“Am I hallucinating” I asked my self. I closed my eyes and opened no he was real.

“Why God is this a joke” I thought


As I entered Gadodia Mansion I saw the scenario and was surprised to see everyone’s happy face. I prepared myself to see depressed faces but the scene was completely altered.

There can be two possibilities, one that she really didn’t escape or she escaped and the family doesn’t know about this.

I was welcomed by them with warm gesture, this was the first time I met them, and they are really sweet.

They made me sit on the couch. Everyone was chitchatting, some were laughing and some were admiring.

There was sudden change in atmosphere and I prepared myself again for upcoming situation but I saw her descending stairs.

Really didn’t she escape, Wow!! She was looking elegant in pink lehenga and silver stone jewellery was enhancing her beauty. In short I was completely mesmerized.

She was coming towards me and looking to floor, she instantly looked upward after her sister whispered something in her ear. She looked up and my heart skips a beat, she didn’t move an inch after it. I could sense shock expression. Thank god, her sister was holding her or else she had fallen, the way she was staring me.

She slowly started to move without taking her eyes off from me. She was made sit beside me and I was observing her facial expression. She sat with complete silence.

“Hey…” I started conversation as cant take silence any more. She looked me

“When u knew me then why didn’t u tell me” She whispered. There curiosity in her voice.

“I’ll answer your every question but tell me your decision” I asked. I really want to know does she want to marry me or not

“What decision” She asked

God is she insane, she didn’t get my question

“Look in few seconds my and ur parents will be coming for ring ceremony. So what exactly ur decision is, do u really want to marry me or not” I explained


Oh god! Why r u playing with me, if he would be someone else surely, I would handle everything but why him. It really came as a mini heart attack to me to see him my groom. Oh god I said so much about him and about his late wife, what would he be thinking about me????

I sat beside him and now he was asking me my decision what should I say. Should I say that I didn’t thought about this? He is looking serious

I glanced everyone around us, mom, dad, dadi, Ragini. All were happy

My mom words echoed my mind

“Swara life partner is whom u could share everything without any fear” She explained me when I asked her about what a life partner is. I remember my and his conversation at railway station.

I saw my and his parents comes towards us

“Swara tell fast, they are coming” I heard him

Closing my eyes I said “yes”

I don’t know what made me said yes but let’s do it as my heart want it


Hope u like it

Credit to: Sana

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