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Chapter 29


“Now where is your dad stuck, just wait and watch he will pay for coming late and making me wait. He said he will come home early” I was rambling and rambling

Confused what the hell is wrong with me, well it’s the mood swing of pregnancy and I m talking to my flat belly because I m two month pregnant. It’s been six month of our marriage, even we had our beautiful honeymoon afterwards. Our love grew every single second. I remembered the time I got the new of pregnancy, I was too nervous to tell him the biggest news


I entered our room and he was working on his laptop looking tired from a hectic day. I walked towards him and give a messaged to his shoulder, he closed his laptop and leaned back and let me do my work

“How was your day?” I asked

“Usual, yours” He said with closed eyes.

“Umm like yours…usual” I hesitantly answered

God swara what the hell is wrong with you just tell him my subconscious ordered

His hands touched mine and he dragged me to his lap, my hands on his chest

“What happened” He asked looking straight in to my eyes

“Ummm Sanskar” I started to say

Just say it

“Swara whats wrong? You are scaring what happened everything okay love?” concern was written all over his face. I felt embarrassed to make him worried

“Swara” He called

“Nothingwrongyouarepregnantandwearehavingachild” I said in one breath closing my eyes

“What come again darling maybe I heard I m pregnant” He said. I opened my eyes and remained silent but his eyes widened looking at me

“Wait is that mean you” I smiled and got up but he holded my hand pulled me to him

“Tell me is this true” He asked

“I m pregnant” With that I hided my face in his chest

“OMG I m gonna be father” he lifted me and swirled me round but then he realized what he is doing

“Sorry Swara I m just so overwhelmed, you made me the happiest man on earth I love you so much” He kissed me with passion, he poured his every emotion of happiness in that. I can never pray for more, I felt complete at moment


“I m home love” I heard my husband yelled

“Well I can see that you are home” I replied staying at my place, well normally I jumped into his arms but no I m angry right now all thank to pregnancy hormones

“Angry I see” He walked towards me with sly smile.

I know this smile my husband you cant fool me

I ignored him and picked my bowl which I was eating, went to kitchen. Damn these pregnancy craving, I craved for food like a vampire craved for blood. He came after changing

I served him his food, he stopped me and made me sit infront of him

“I have eaten Sanksar” I protested

I normally wait for him but now these pregnancy craving and second my dear husband strictly ordered me to not wait for him when he will be late

“I know you have eaten but sit with me and accompany me” He said.

He started eating his food but he wasn’t uncomfortable sitting while eating, I even heard hissing sound from his mouth but I thought I m hallucinating or I m over thinking, he was wearing full sleeves shirt but I saw some white think on his hand. I got suspicion, my hand touched his hand, his hand stiffened and jerk giving me a small smiles

“Sanskar Maheshwri show me your hand this instant” I said using my best look scary

“Swara its nothing” He said without looking I know this happen when he is hiding from me

I hold his hand pull up his sleeves, my eyes welled with tears, his hand was bandaged

“What do you think of yourself you can hide this from me” I said looking his bandaged hand carefully

“Aww my darling look its nothing, I just saw kid playing and he was about to hit by a motor bike I was just saving him and this happen. It’s a small scratch. I didn’t tell you because you will worry for nothing and tension isn’t good for you” He cupped my face with is hand and wiped my tears

“I m sorry I behaved rudely. I m sorry” I hugged him tightly, fearing to let him go, he hugged me back

“Its okay love I understand pregnancy take the best in you” He kept rubbing my back and whispering his soothing voice to calm me down

“Okay now stop crying, anyways I heard mom cooked my favorite kheer today so please I saved some space for my kheer” He said releasing me

As he mentioned kheer, I gulped my saliva nervously, didn’t I tell you I was eating something before now I realized it was last bowl of kheer mom left for him

“Kheer” I nervously said

“Yes Swara don’t worry you sit you must be tired for staying up for me, I will get myself” He got up and before I could utter something he disappeared into kitchen

“Swara…” I heard him calling, I closed my eyes knowing this was coming

“Swara” I heard him again and opened my eye to see him staring me weirdly

“Yes Sanskar” I pretended like nothing happened

“Where is the kheer” He asked looking ne curiously

“umm.. kheer wo umm yeah I guess everyone finished it you know mum makes delicious kheer, even I ate three bowl” I let nervous laugh, he was just staring me

Okay fine I know I m disaster in pretending

“Mom will always save kheer for me” He said

“What do you mean I ate the last bowl which was in fridge while I was waiting for you. I told you kheer was delicious it got finished while we were having our dinner who said you to come late” I said furiously without thinking, and walk towards our room

He came in kitchen with his weird grin, I decided not to look him, god I felt like a kid now who have stolen ice cream and hiding from his parents

“Well you know swara you know mom saved a last bowl but seems someone ate it” He said, I turned and saw him looking to empty bowl

Damn it didn’t I wash it

“W..who could eat it” I asked trying my best to hide my nervousness

“I think its laksh, you know I don’t forgive someone who eat my kheer bowl, let him meet me in morning he deserves some punishment” He said

What punishment?

“No Sanskar Laksh cant be he is having friend hangout and mom and chachi are diabetic so they cant eat all the kheer, it was me who ate it” My eye widened

Damn, damn, damn I cursed myself. While he smiled at me and walked up to me

“I knew its sweet little wife” He said smirking

“Yes its me and its not my fault, your son make me crave for it, and you were late I got hungry in that, still I tried not to look your kheer bowl but there was no ice cream today so I give in” I said pouting, I heard

His laugh is music to my ears, it melts me every time despite of anything so I laughed with him

“God Swara you are so funny right now” He said while laughing

“But you wont forgive the one who ate your kheer, I m sorry I really tried” I said feeling guilty,

He stopped laughing and hugged me

“It was just a trick, I can be anything but mad at you my dear wife” I hugged him back

“Well Swara you have eaten my dessert but I want my dessert anyhow” He said facing me

“But Sanskar there is no kheer left and there is no any other dessert” I said

“Its okay I have my ways love” He said smirking

Before I could think I felt his lips on mine, he was kissing me softly. Pulling me more closer the kiss turned into hot make out

“It was the best dessert” he whispered near my ears before capturing my lips


“Swara where are you” I shouted finding her

Sine ever she got pregnant she has become unpredictable. Its been five month of her pregnancy. Her mood swings also taken a new level, it become worst in some of cases but still I love her like anything. She has become more sensitive and impulsive these days. I wont lie if I say she is becoming more beautiful day by day but whenever I tell her she just shrugged me off saying she is getting fat.



I know when we were leaving for a party, she was just looking herself in mirror disappointedly

“Sanskar I think you should go alone, I m not in the mood to go” She said sadly

I went and wrapped my arms on her swollen belly and kissed her shoulder

“I m not leaving without you” I said with determination

“You don’t understand, I m looking ugly fat right now just go alone please” She got out of my hold

She sat and looking her lap, I took hold of her hand and pulled her slightly, her eyes met mine

“First you are not ugly, I wish I could give you my eye just to see yourself how perfect you look and second you are not fat, you are pregnant and here is our son, our love who is making your face glow so now stop feeling low about yourself and come we are getting late” She smiled and hugged me

“What would I done without you?” I hugged her back

“Do stupid thing like this” she playfully hit my arm and we both smiled. We went to party


“Sanskar I m here” I heard her voice from our room

“There you are” I entered our room and saw a mischievous glint in her eyes. I narrowed my eye,
She came and put her hands round my neck. This is not normal at all when I say Swara became unpredictable its very true
“Hon you love me right” She asked me

Wait did she just use endearment, she uses these words when she wants something

“Yes” I said

“I m feeling very low will you do something for me”

“Swara what happened is everything okay” I asked touching her face

“Yup I m fine but I and your son wants some entertainment” She said
“Entertainment, is your vampire diaries series is finished that you want to entertainment” I asked narrowing my eyes

From the day of our marriage I got to know my wife is crazy for vampire dairies, not to forget a biggest fan of Damon Salvatore and Stephen Salvatore aka Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley.

Ok fine I agree I am quite jealous you see your wife says someone else hot and s*xy infront of you wont you feel irritated

“Aww! My jealous Hubby” She pinched my cheeks


“Ok fine I am not in the mood for vampire dairies, I want some entertainment will u dance for me honey” She said

“Dance?” I was shocked

I wont say I m bad dancer but dance is something I don’t like to do frequently. I was pretty famous in my college days girls were crazy for my dance

Really Sanksar?

Ok fine I agree I m exaggerating but I wasn’t that bad

“Sanskar, earth to Sanskar” She waved her hand

“Swara dance right now”

“Yes yes” She nodded like a child

“We will do some other day love not tight now” I tried to explain

“I thought you will do anything, fine go away I am not talking infact we are not going to talk to you” With that she stormed to bed

My drama queen wife

“Ok fine turn on your best song ever” and the song started

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_v9MY_FMcw (song link)

Maybe it’s the way she walked (wow)

Straight into my heart and stole it

Through the doors and passed the guards (wow)

Just like she already owned it

I said, “Can you give it back to me?”

She said, “Never in your wildest dreams.”

And we danced all night to the best song ever

We knew every line

Now I can’t remember

How it goes but I know

That I won’t forget her

‘Cause we danced all night to the best song ever

Her face lit up and cheer me up, at end of songs she joined me and we took slow steps, we laughed together

But what didn’t know was that we had audience watching us with admiration, mom and Laksh were standing outside of the room. They teased us non stop

“I m so happy to see my kids happy God bless” Mom hugged both of us

“Bro you are completely wiped” Laksh whispered, I smiled at his comment

“When you will fall in love then I will see” I patted his shoulder


After eight years



I was doing home chores when I heard two people shouting

“Go beta or else they will wake up Diya by their shouting” Mom came in kitchen and smiled

“Okay mom I go and see now which mess they made” I said heading to my son and husband

We were blessed with a son whom we named Ansh Maheshwri, and we were blessed with a daughter two year back. I cant help but feel the most happiest woman now

I entered our room and there my son and husband standing all confused, the whole room was a mess

“Like father like son” I said with annoyance

“Care to explain what you both were doing” I asked

“Mom I was finding my notebook mom, I was working in your room yesterday” My son Ansh replied

I turned to my husband

“I am finding my phone, I have an important meeting Swara in an hour please help me in finding my phone” My dear husband reasoned

“Not happening first clean up the mess both of”

“Mom look I m getting late for school please help me” He insisted

“Son my meeting is important Swara look for my phone” He said using his father tone

“Dad you are the boss, meeting can wait but not my school I have to submit my homework” They started bickering on whose thing is more important phone or notebook

“Shut up Sanskar Maheshwri and Ansh Maheshwri, no one is getting anything until you both clean the mess here and that’s final” I shouted and both of them went silent
I walked away from the room to check on Diya, is she still sleeping or woke up but she sleeping peacefully, I felt relieved. I came downstair and saw mom smiling at me

“So what they did now”

“Like everytime messed the room” I sat on the chair

She laughed and I served breakfast to her, I went upstairs to see what father and son doing now, when I entered the room was clean. I sighed relieved

“Mom notebook” Ansh asked

“Your notebook was in your bag you forgot here in our room” I said and he watched me with shocked

“You would have told me”

“Then you wouldn’t have cleaned up the mess, I always told you, if you are finding things, find calmly but you always make a mess, and in that how can you find your things” I giving them lecture without looking, when I was done

Ansh took out cotton from his ears

“Dad you can also take out mom is done” He gestured he also took out, from past ten mintues whom was I giving lecture then. I narrowed my eye and glared them

“Bye mom, I m going for breakfast” He came kissed my cheeks and ran

“Swara I m getting late” My husband said

“Your phone is here in your coat” I took the coat and made him wear

“I wonder why he has to take your habit of messing up room” I asked, he turned

“Well I never complained about his devil mind tricks” He smiled mischievously and wrapped his arms around me

“Now you are not getting late”

“Like my son said I m the boss, meeting can wait” He leaned and give a peck on my lips

“I love you Swara”

“I love you too Sanskar” I pecked him again

With that he left for his work, after so many years of marriage our love bond didn’t weaken infact it grew more stronger, from husband and wife we became parents of two most adorable kids. I could never ask for more from God

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