FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 3) ” Consequence”


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Chapter 3

My life never went from smooth roads, it was always rough. I know my father is quite well off person and well reputed person in the society but his over increased love, never let me discover what truly I m. Though he he always fulfilled my every wish but I want to give happiness by my side as well so I studied harder and harder. My teacher praised me for my excellent academics result but I missed my parents praise in that, I know they love me but I don’t know sometimes I feel that I should be born as boy so that dad could praise me with full zeal. I saw dad’s eyes when he sees a boys getting praised by his his dad, I saw some emptiness which he never shared with me or any one else. I wish my dad praising whole heartedly.

For that I wanted to elop, I know this option wasn’t right but I still tried. I was clear in my idea until that stranger poke his nose, god if he wasn’t there eloping could be easy but no he was actually right. Not in a nightmare I can imagine my parents getting insult that too because of me. No I can’t let this happen. Now I m back, standing infront of mirror wearing this lehenga with diamond set

Everything is making me look gorgeous but still I m looking the ugliest. A bride looks beautiful by her glowing face and by her smile, but these elements seems to nowhere found on my face.

“Oh my God! Someone is looking damn beautiful” She heard a chirping voice of Ragini

Here comes my sister

“I would prefer if you are true in ur comments” I replied with stern face

“Are u still against from this” Ragini asked me worriedly

“Ah!! Swara please why r u behaving like this” My mind snapped me

“Chill Ragini.. I m okay see” I showed her my fake smile

“I would prefer if u smile truly from heart not by faking for other” She replied me in same tone

God she understand me better…What a perfect sister I have

“Okay fine u win….I lose” I said raising my hand in defeat

“If u are not okay with this, u should run away Swara…this is the matter of ur life” She said with sad face

I was watching her shockingly…I was thinking if she told me few hours back I would have seriously escaped not caring about that stranger word but this is my destiny…

“Even God wants me to get engaged” I thought

I playfully slapped her arm

“if escaping would be only option I wouldn’t have done that as well….I don’t want mom n dad to bear the insult because of me. All my life I tried to become their son and now end up doing this stupidity…are u kidding me” I told her. She was looking me with amused expression.

I know I was going to commit a mistake, but thanks to that stranger he helped me.

“But now u will do this marriage?” My sister asked me with horrified expression

God wanna take her photo

“No way I’ll try to sort out the problems by discussing, I’ll explain my situation to them. I guess they will listen to me” I replied

“As if they listened u” Ragini sarcastically said and I roll my eyes.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll talk to the person whom I m going to be engaged may be he will understand me” I said.

Someone called Ragini downstairs. I assured her with my smile that everything will fall in its place and soon she left the room.

No matter, what will be the consequences, after meeting that person and narrating my position, but I won’t let my parents bear insult for sure. I hope he will understand me, Now he is the ray of hope in my life. Finger crossed!!!

Ignorant of future is indeed a blessing from God. We never thought about but this is true if we knew what is coming next, we would have died in anxiety and depression thinking about the bad times of life. Because of that I cherished my every moment with Kavith. I m wearing sherwani and it sent me back to her memories when we were getting engaged

I was nervous but happy at same time, as getting engaged to my best friend. She was happy because she loved me a lot. I still could not accept the thought why God do this to her. What her fault to suffer from brain ham rage

Its my engagement but neith I m feeling nervous or scared but I tensed and curious that what she had decided for her. I m preparing for myself for the consequence take place if she escape
Of course both the families will get insulted and embarrassed

“OMG…..now someone is really looking damn handsome” I heard my brother said taking out from my chain of thoughts.

“Laksh! When did u came” I exclaimed and took him in brotherly hug

“What bhai planning to do engagement without me. I mean so desperation” He said with his fake anger and I rolled my eyes, giving him, as if like seriously look

“Its mom n chachi conspiracy, don’t blame me” I snapped back and he brusted out laughing on me. I was glaring him like what

“Bhai…..(laughing)…u look damn funny in this expression…wait let me just take ur pic and will show it to my bhabhi”

“Laksh…” I roared

“okay fine I’ll go n change in my clothes” with that he left the room

My thought shifted back to her. What decision had she made. Did she really left the city for her dreams. I respect her dreams but escaping is also not an option

“Hey Sanskar prepare yourself…..whether she left or not, a dramatic situation is waiting for u…..so be prepared” My mind alerted me of consequences

I hope she chose best for her…..


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