FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 29) “The Wedding”


Hey my reader, hope guyz are fine, look I didnt let you wait for soo long, hahaha okay fine dont curse me and enjoy the last chapter
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“Ugh” I moaned as sun rays disturbed me in my sleep.

I opened my eyes lazily and the first things I saw my hina on my hands, remembering my mehndi, sangeet and then haldi function, I smiled shyly but in a second that shyness turned in to realization that today is my marriage

Oh my God

“MOM, DAD RAGINI” I screamed

Please judge I m just to overwhelmed by my realization

“Swara what happen everything okay” I heard dad coming running opening my door, looking him embarssement embrace me that I got him worried

Along with dad, mom and Ragini came running

“What happen sweetie, you okay why are you looking at us something happened” mom came forward touching my shoulder with concern in her eyes and I was looking at her like dumb
Face it who said to be over excited
My subconscious scolded me

“But it my wedding day cant I express my excitement” I fought back

“Way too much to express your overexcitement” my subconscious snapped

“Swara say something you are scaring us” dad came forward

“Umm.. dddad..um I…just got…..excited..um..ssso…. ssscreamed” I closed my eyes

Really Swara stuttering

I heard people around me laughing, I open my eye and saw dad and Ragini laughing while mom was glaring at me as if I committed a murder. Dad and Ragini stopped laughing when mom glared them as well

“Really Swara, when will you grow up we leave our work and came running to you, to see our daughter screaming in excitement” My mom scolded, I didn’t dare to look at her

“I m sorry mom really..” I stopped when I looked three of us suppressing their laugh and then busted out in fits of laughter

“Wow great you guys are really going to make fun of me today as well” I said with annoyance

“Sis your expression was priceless like you I m really sorry mom” She mimicked me

They continued to laugh. I glared three of them

“Fine make fun of me. I m not going to talk to you” I said with angrily. Eventually they stopped. I turned my face, call me child but I m bit irritated

“Aww our daughter is angry on us now” my dad said

I remained silent

“So you are not going to talk us on your last day in this house” My mom budged in

On mere mention of this last day my eye filled with tears, it hit me like dagger on my heart I wont be able to be in my room tonight, I would be gone tonight. I turned and silently hugged my dad

“You are going to send me away” I asked forgetting my anger

“Do I have a choice” My father asked

“Umm I guess yes what say if I and you eloped tonight so you wont need to sent me away” My mom lightly slapped on my head

“Yeah then what about your poor fiancé, what if he gets married to someone else just like an Indian daily soap” Ragini narrowed her eyes

“Then we will take him with us what say”

I know I m making a fool out of me who m I fooling I cant escape from here but I can escape from this emotional thingy of leaving my parents and family

“Stop it no one is going anywhere, its my daughter’s wedding, every father dreams of this day to be perfect for their daughter, I promised this day will be perfect, I wont fail you this time” I hugged my father

“You never failed me dad remember this I was an idiot” I said softly

My family smiled and we even share a family hug as well. I was delighted yet sad I would be leaving my family for only one man but happy because that man is my life


“Mom where is my sherwani”
“Mom where my shoes”

“Mom…” I was shouting and shouting for my things

God today is my marriage everything should be their organized but no nothing is here


“Shut up Sanskar you screaming like a girl who is getting to parlour For heavan sake stop shouting” Mom entered scolding

“Then where is my things” I asked

“Your sherwani and shoes are coming Laksh is on his ways and there is lot time for you to get ready, stop acting as if you are groom for the first time, yeah I get it you are desperate for your marriage son, so am I but have patience”

I blushed with embarrassment while mom kept on teasing me

Fine I agree this is not the first time but this time is also different from the first one. My love lady will be finally mine forever and this thought drives me crazy and bit of desperate as well

Soon my clothes came, I got ready in my wedding sherwani.

“My son is looking so handsome today” Mom said behind me. I turned and hugged her

“I m so happy today not only for your marriage but also the shine in your eyes.” Mom said

Soon we took off to get the bride


I heard the hustle and bustle of the people. I looked outside of the window, all I could hear was music from outside. My sister was looking outside and I was sitting at a corner

Don’t mind me because I m bride, according to my sister’s theory brides are not allowed to move unless they are asked. Ragini and along with my couins suddenly ran to door

“Hey guyz why are you leaving me all alone” I said. They turned and smiled at me

Okay now this is creepy
“Sis your prince charming arrived” Ragini said and they all ran out of the room

I slowly moved with my heavy wedding dress and dragged myself to the window. I saw my prince on his horse just like a fantasy a prince arrived to take his princess, I smiled shyly. His eyes suddenly caught mine, my heart raced up but I pushed myself aside before he could see me fully, Its not about the tradtion to not see but I want him to see when I come downstairs. I know he recognized me but lets torture my prince for few moments

He is here
My heart was doing somersaults in me every passing seconds, I was waiting what felt like eternity, soon the door opened and my sister and along with her my cousin and friends stepped in

“Its time sis” She muttered softly

She covered my face in veil and we headed downstairs


“Nervous?” My brother Laksh asked

“Umm.. not really” He smiled

Soon my eyes landed on the girls who is supposed to be my wife by the end of night coming towards my. My goodness she is looking goddess in her wedding dress. One words escape from my mouth

“Beauitful” I whispered as she say besides me. I know she heard and I can imagine her blushing face behind her veil

“So my eloping bride, wanna elop now” I lean to whisper

“Do I have a choice” She whispered back

“You have actually” I said testing her, I know she loves me so much to run from me

“If I elop you will find me, like always so let get married and stuck with each other forever” She said which made me chuckle

“Okay lovebird stop talking you have your whole life for talking” We heard Ragini whispering both of us

Soon the ritual were started, we took our seven vows
With that she was mine and I was hers, we got married

“Congratulation wifey”

“Same for dear hubby” She replied smiling behind that veil. Well that getting irritating I couldn’t see her beautiful face yet


We enjoyed the crazy marriage rituals afterward, I saw my husband staring at me intensely

My husband sounds so good

“I so want to see your face right now which I supposed is blushing now” He lean and whispered, it made me more blush now

Soon it was time to say good bye to my family and start a new chapter with my husband. I cried hugging everyone

Leaving your beloved is not an easy job trust me, it’s the hardest thing but again it’s a ritual of world

Saying the last good bye to my family, we drove to start the new married life


“Getting married is a tiring event no” I mumbled when I finally reached to my room, I heard giggling voice coming from my one and only newly wedded bride

“Great someone is laughing” I took steps forward towards my wife, who was standing beside window, while back was facing me. As I moved closer to her her giggling voice stopped, as if sensing my presence

My hand found their way to her waist and wrapped her, only to hear her gasp

“Do me the honor to see your face now”

Geez! I know I sound like a desperate man but you see I m will seeing her after aprox two days, twelve hour and twenty five minutes

Okay fine I must be exaggerating but still

She pulled her veil, covered her face and turned towards me while I watched her in confusion

“Seriously Swara are you going to hide your face on our wedding night” I asked

“Mom said you will be the one to remove so” She reasoned

As she said my hands made their way to pull the veil up, my heart skipped a beat the moment I saw my beautiful wife, her eyes were lowered in shyness, I place my finger under her chin and lifted her face

“Look at me Swara” He huskily whispered

I don’t know what has gotten me today I cannot see him directly

“Swara look at me” He said deeply

I nervously looked up and my eye met his, which was filled with love, admiration and with desire, his arm wrapped my waist and pulled me towards him

As our body collided, I felt my heart beating so fast that I m scared if it explode anytime sooner

“Swara…my wife” He lean and said

He kissed my forehead and then cheeks. His lips made his way to my neck but then I felt he was tying something on my neck. He backed away and turned me to mirror

I saw my beautiful locket adorned on my neck. He hugged me from back and nuzzled in neck

“How is it” He asked

“Beautiful” it was the word I could only utter

He started showering me with his love, that night every barriers was pulled down. He and I become we

“I love you Swara” He whispered

“I love you too Sanskar” He sealed my lips with his

He made me his in every sense, though I was an eloping bride as he say but my every route ends with him, no matter I ran from him but every time I end up with him


Hope u like
I know you guyz love me so much, so there will be epilogue as additional chapter because i know you would kill if i didnt end it by giving official epilogue
until then keep smiling and reading 🙂

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