FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 28) “Midnight Date”


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“Will u tell me where we are going Sanskar” I asked annoyingly

From morning, everybody is like after me, mom, Ragini and Sankar’s mom taking me to each and every mall for wedding stuff, they literally dragged me everywhere

Don’t complain you kind of enjoyed it right
My subconscious mocked

Fine I agree I had this crazy fantasy with everything we shopped especially when we were going for wedding dress I had those nasty thought I was embarrassed myself but then I reminded myself there is no harm thinking about the love of life, after all I m going to marry him. Having those dirty thought is normal

Well I guess

After all this, I just wished to sleep nothing else but still after everyone literally annoyed me only one person is left that is my loving and sometime annoying fiancé who just ruined my peaceful sleep and now god know where are we going

“For Nth time will you please stop asking the same question, because my answer remains same, darling” I rolled on his answer

“Surprise surprise you have to be patient” This was the answer I first question him

From half n hour we are heading to somewhere I dont know, I felt my eye getting heavy I don’t want to ruin his surprise but I cant help I just drifted in darkness

“Swara….” I felt someone shaking me

“Go away let me sleep” I hissed

God whoever it is please have mercy I wanted to say but I was so sleepy to say

Next I was bath to cold water, I jerked and wrapped my shawl, god it so cold here. I looked the source who dared to do this but he was laughing

I gave him scary glares like what the

“Guys don’t do this with their date” I hissed and he just chuckled

“This happen when you not listen” He said

“And who said you are my date, you are my eloping bride remember” He added

God if I didn’t love him so much I would love to kill him

“I hate you” I muttered

“Well thank you love, I love you too” He said laughing

I saw the place where are we was the question still, all I can see tall trees around

“You brought me place of nowhere to just make fun of me how cool” I glared

“Well we have to walk from here so here” He stretched his hand. I looked him and then his hand

“Comon Swara” I holded his hand and walked hand in hand


“Look we are here” I said. I looked at her who was busy inspecting the place

From past few days I like to irritate her and tease her because she looks so adorably cute when she is angry

“What is this place”

“My hiding place” I replied

“I and Kavitha found this place back we were in teen and you wont believe we even built the tree house here” I said pointing the tree house

This place is very near to my heart, it’s the place of peace

“Basically I and Kavitha found this place and made it a hide spot, none of our parents know about this place after Kavitha death, I never came here, I didn’t wanted to abandon this place but after her I never found courage knowing that I will be alone in this place I never came”

I looked at her, her eyes soften hearing this I know I sound like a girl who is scared to go alone somewhere but this is a place I found peace everytime but after her I didn’t want to come here all the time I spent with her rushing back like it just happened yesterday. Last time we came she was weak we spent all day talking to each other watching the sunset

“Is it werid to talk about your ex in front of your fiancé” I asked

“No before everything I m best friend you can talk to me you hear that Mr. Maheshwri” I smiled at her reply and nodded

I showed the tree house and I showed her my childhood pictures, some were really embarrassing on which she teased me. After all this we sat near tree leaning, she placed her head on my chest I wrapped her in my arms. We stared the black sky with twinkling stars

“I never thought I will show this place to someone after Kavitha, honestly I never thought I will be coming here again, the place is same as it was giving me peace” I said

She hugged me more tightly. I smiled and my hands started playing with her hairs

“I had a dream about our future” I said she looked at me

“Really and what was that”

“That we are happy with each other, you are waking up me for work and we are getting ready for respective work and..”

“How about I say you will be getting ready for work I will be preparing breakfast for you and then I will be waiting all day for you from work” She cut me off
It took second to understand what she said

“Working was your dream you cannot quit it” I said

She released herself, sat in front of me and holds my hand

“you know what I said when we first met at station about my dream” She asked

“I always dreamt to make my own identity before changing my surname….I want the world to know what Swara Gadodia is capable of” Her words rang in my mind

“Ring a bell” She asked

“You know I will never stop you from working in future”

“I know that but you know I always enjoyed my every phase in my life though it would be as a kid or teen or an adult. I wanted to have an independent life, doing job earning from your hard work but this when I am single now when I m marrying someone I want to concentrate on my married life, I would be more delighted to known as Mrs Sanskar Maheshwri” She explained

I just smiled at her explanation, she never leaves a chance to surprise me, no doubt I fallen for her

“What should I say? You left me speechless”

“I know I m that awesome” She laughed


We laughed and talked about our future I don’t know when time passed

I stand saw the beautiful scene in front of me, sun was all set to rise I was feeling cold now because first so sweet fiancé poured cold water on me and second it was really cold at this time

Suddenly I felt warm arm around me and hugged me tightly

“Did I tell you look adorably cute in your pjs” He whispered, heat generated on my cheeks, I can imagine myself going red now


“Well I guess now you know” I smiled I could feel his hot breath near my neck, I was going all breathless. He placed a kiss on my neck. I closed my eyes feeling him near me

“You filled all emptiness in my life like this sun conquered on the darkness of night” He said huskily

“If I filled your emptiness you filled my life with happiness” I turned and hugged him, he hugged me back

“We complete each other” I added

“I love you” He said and kissed my forehead

“I love you too” I replied and we headed back to our respective house


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