FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 27) “Proposal”

Hello friends hope u are fine well the last part wasnt last part but my story on it way to end
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I eyed the scene in front of me again, there is my both the family and then my love standing talking to them all smiling

Do what you always wanted to do my subconscious reminded me

I walked to them, stand in front of them and stretched my hand to Swara. Everyone’s attention drawn to us and she looked confused but placed her hand on mine

“I know we are getting married but if everything is starting with fresh start then I want to start with this” I said and kneeled down in front of her which made her surprised

“Swara I know we strangely met at first, fall in love with slowly by meeting coincidently, even had little adventures in process, and gone through tough situation as well. I can never imagine anyone in this rather than you, I want to spent my each and every moment with you though it would be happiness or hard time, I want you to always besides me till eternity, will u promise me that, will u marry me” I proposed and looked at her to saw tears in her eyes, I looked at my surrounding our family were admiring us

“Oh my god, I didn’t know you can be so good in words as well” my mom praised me

“Oh you remind me the day Shekhar proposed for wedding” Swara’s mother blushed

“Really mom you never told dad proposed what happened” Ragini budged in

“You should agree I proposed you like a queen” Swara’s dad said which caused his wife more blush

“Ofcourse” She said

Wait did they forget I still kneeling down and just proposed their daughter, and my dear love was hearing them with interst

Hello is there someone can see me

“Excuse me please if you see I just proposed your daughter, and she haven’t answer me yet, you guyz are talking about your proposal. Swara say something my knees are paining” I said making face of irritation

“Well son isn’t that obvious” her dad winked

“Well I want to hear from your daughter” I argued back

“Yes” I looked at Swara

“What” I asked

“Yes, I said yes”

“No I didn’t hear you”

“I Swara Gadodia agrees to marry you and promised to be on your side till my last breath happy” she said louder

I just hugged her passionately

“Please spare our innocent eyes jijz go get a room” Ragini shouted while everyone laughed while we were embarrassed


I just cant believe what just happen Sanskar proposed me well it was like before we were marrying but he didn’t proposed me. I kind of wish that my life partner would propose me first like my friend tell their story of proposals. Like giving flowers or ring or arranging grand hotel but his proposal was different yet mesmerizing, his simplicity is what I fall for. I love him, he loves me and we are getting married, I feel like I m on cloud nine, I want to shout, scream and express how happy I m. I got everything today

I fell someone wrapping me, I knew who could it be

“I thought you went, how come you are here” I asked

“Came here to say you bye and something as well” he said


“Something I wont tell I will do” He turned me


“This” With that he captured in kiss, it took a moment to realize what just happened slowly I gave myself to him, responding him fully. He broke the kiss and joined my head to his

“I love you” He said

“I love you too” I answered and hugged him tightly

He said bye and left, I saw him leaving from terrace. Our marriage was fixed after 15 days , Sanskar protested that 15 days are to late we should put the date more early, hearing him everyone laughed and he made faces

In these days I bonded with dad very well, we even gone for shopping together and I chose my father’s clothes for my wedding. Now the wedding is in a weak it means I have to leave my house and go to his house made me sad but yet happy as well. Sad because of leaving my family, especially dad, happy because I would be his forever then.

The relatives have arrived, the house on hustle and bustle for my wedding I can sense the excitement in environment


I heard my phone ringing, I ignored. You know why because I m sleeping well not actually sleeping because this has woke me up but I m too lazy to pick the call. The rining didn’t stop I lifted the call at last

“What” I snapped

“Swara in a weak we are getting married yet you are talking to me like this, very bad have some shame greet your fiancé with love” I heard Sanskar teasing voice. I rolled my eyes

“Hello sweat heart care to tell why did u wake me up” I asked

“I m here outside of your house come downstair now” He said like ordering me

“My dearest fiancé, in this house only I was sleeping but whole house is wide awake, so what do you expect I go downstair open the door and tell mom dad that I m going with my fiancé, then its not happening, you go home I back to sleep” I said

“That’s great you can sneak out in midnight on your own but not when I m requesting you, fine go back to your you don’t love me right” He said with annoyance

“Stop acting like a girl and by the way you are disaster in acting so please don’t try, tell me what should I do” I said

“That’s like my girl, well you only need to open the door of your room, that’s it” He explained

I did as he said, and my sister appeared in front of me

“Well hurry up love I m waiting” with that he hung up

Ragini was giving me teasing smile, I have to face her teasing again

“Comon sis your love is waiting for I have to deliver, lets go” I grabbed my shawl and left with her

This night going to be very long I thought


Hope u enjoyed

keep smiling and reading

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