FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 24) “You love me”

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Episode 23

Chapter 24

Falling in love is for sure best feeling in life but it get more worth when it is reciprocated. I can’t explain the happiness after hearing those words which I was dying to say her but then she was so stubborn and I fear it create more problems in this situation but I couldn’t control when I heard her confessing, I just did what I was dying to do. I have lost my beloved in past but not any more, I wont let her go away from me now

I broke the kiss and confessed my love to her but she was shock more than surprise. Her body got tensed and I felt her stiff as if I have done a spell on her and she has completely frozen

“Is that so difficult to digest?” I asked shaking her when she doesn’t respond. She was startled and kept looking me as if analyzing something. I was getting worried now. I got closer but then she stepped back. This is not good

“Don’t say something you don’t mean” She spoke


“No don’t, I don’t need your love out of pity or sympathy I can handle a heart break and you don’t need to make compromise for me”

She was trigging my anger now, how dare she compare my love with sympathy. I won’t let anyone insult my love like this not even her

“Seriously Swara compromise, don’t you trust me when I m saying I love you”

“No I don’t, what if this is some trick of yours to take me home. No Mr Maheshwri I m not a fool, you did this these trick the day I met you. You knew me, knew that I was confused and you confused me more so that I couldn’t leave”

This was it she was testing me now and how dare she blame for things I did for her benefit. How can she even think that what has really gotten her since she eloped

“I don’t believe, is this really you. The Swara I know will never blame me for something I did for her benefit, she know me completely. She trust me with her everything. Tell me what is it that you r not ready to accept that I love you”

“Because you said you will never love me, the love in your heart belongs to your late wife, You love her so much. I know I saw how much you miss her. I know I can never get that place which she has in your life”

Now It make sense why is she pushing me, she thinks I m still in love with Kavitha, and she remember my words, honestly that time I don’t wanna give this place to anyone not even her but I was wrong, she penetrate through the wall I made around me. Its not her mistake as whole but mine too I went away, when I should confront and tell her my feeling to her

“Yes Swara you r right” She closed her eyes “You can never have the place which Kavitha had in my life, but you know something where are you in my life.”

She opened and looked confused. I stepped forward to her and took her hand in mine and guided and placed her hand on my chest. I could hear my heart pumping fast

“Here, you r here Swara. When I m around or close it beats fast Swara. It feels like it will stop at any moment if you r not close to me. What do you call this feeling other than love Swara” I asked going more close to her, she gasped and tried to go away but I pull her towards me

“Answer me Swara is this not love”

She remained silent

“I love you Swara and believe me when I say this I mean it. I m sorry that I went away form you without talking but I was confused, I wasn’t in my right mind of state. One part of me wanted to talk but then a part of me was scared of your response. I wanted to clear my feeling for you. I swear it was so difficult to stay away from you for even a day that’s why I came back earlier to tell you this but then you were gone” Tears were flowing from her eyes but eyes were soft now there was no anger

“You idiot, you know in which dilemma you left me with, I thought you regretted the….”

“I never regretted it Swara” I cut her off and wipe her tears and she hugged me. I reciprocated

“I m sorry” She whispered. I parted andlooked at her

“I m sorry for all rude things. I am sorry for troubling you for blaming things you never did for wrong. I don’t know how will make it up to you but I m sorry for everything”

She was looking to floor not looking to me. It has gotten so emotional for me to handle

“How about you kiss me and make it up” The moment I said those words, her eyes which were stick to ground instantly look up and I smirked. I could see the redness on her face due to blush

“Sanskar..” She started to say but I pulled her more close to me slide my hand to her small waist pressing her more to me


“Sansakr…um…” she stuttering and I started to lean towards her. She closed her eyes as reflex. I could feel her breath getting heavy and then closing all distance our lips met once again. Soon soft kiss turn in to passionate and it was the passionate kiss I ever had, the way out lips moulds felt a perfect combination

I broke the kiss and joined our foreheads

“I love you Sanskar” she said panting

“I love you too Swara”

Its the best feeling of my life my love in my arm close to me. It feel like heaven


Next update in november i know bad news but i m really sorry for this
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